“Beautiful inside and out … but those doe eyes?”

Honey words for Belen. Between Michelle Hunziker And Belen Rodriguez there is a relationship of mutual esteem, and the two presenters have shown it in the last hours on Instagram stories. Belen showed on his profile the new products launched by Hunziker in collaboration with Gooviand the Swiss showgirl shared the stories on her profile thanking the Argentine showgirl and complimenting her sweetness And beauty.

Belen Rodriguez, again social digs: “When we try to be delicate and tolerant, we offend others”

Belen, the sweet dedication to Stefano De Martino: «How much it makes you smile …». But then the dig goes off

Michelle Hunziker shows her new house, the dig at Tomaso Trussardi: “Here, free to be myself without feeling guilty anymore”

Instagram stories

Michelle Hunziker said good morning to followers in bathrobe as he prepares for the day: “While I prepare myself with the foundation by Goovi, I was graced by the tutorial he gave us thereBelencita‘, my beautiful’ Belencita ‘… who is so good at putting on make-up and make-up with the new box we launched yesterday ».

Then the stories continue with the tutorial by Belen: the Argentine showgirl, in fact, showed her followers the new products of the collection with the smile and Hunziker couldn’t help but notice and emphasize her beauty and sweetness. Together with the videos she writes: “You are wonderful and I love you a world of good”.

Then after the tutorial, Michelle Hunziker say thank you Belen for the tutorial and sponsorship, and adds: «But the beauty of this woman? With those doe eyes? ‘ Then she concludes her reflection about her: «she is not only beautiful outside, she is really beautiful, beautiful, beautiful inside».

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