Beauty, the new trend (which comes from Hollywood) is the hollow face: boom of interventions to remove the “Bichat bubble”

There is a new plastic surgery that is trendy in Hollywood (and now also in Italy): the removal of the “Bichat bubble”. Goodbye to round and chubby faces: the latest trend is sunken cheeks and pronounced cheekbones, for a ‘celebrity’ effect. So, stop the fat in the face in favor of slimmer faces with emphasized features, in the wake of influencers and superstars. The request comes from very young women and not only: if, in fact, the 20 year olds with a full face and a ‘baby face’ want to look more mature, highlighting cheekbones, jawbones and chin, after the age of 40 they aim to remove the ‘bulldog’ effect, reducing excess skin that sheds with age.

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Beauty, the Bichat bubble: the new trend coming from Hollywood

The ‘Bubble of Bichat’ is a rounded mass of fat in the center of the cheekthe so-called buccal fat pad, contained between the facial muscles, in the hollow area under the cheekbone – explains Daniele Spirito, specialist in plastic surgery in Rome and Como and lecturer at the School of Specialization in Plastic Surgery of the University of Milan – Everyone has these fat pads but their size can vary considerably, affecting the shape of the face, often very round, almost childish. In fact, in children the cheeks are more pronounced, while with advancing age the fat is reduced but begins to drop downwards: for this reason, especially in view of the summer, there are many requests for ‘Bichectomy’ or buccal lipectomy , to surgically remove the pads, thin the cheek and define the angles of the lower face.

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The “complete package”

In terms of cosmetic surgery, however, the requests do not end there: in addition to this intervention, other operations are added aimed at further sculpting the contours and features of the face. The full packageoften requested by celebrities and not only, foresees in fact facelift, rhinoplasty, chin implants, lip augmentation“. The expert continues: “Crucial is the first visit, in which the surgeon analyzes the conformation of the face and the size of the Bichat bubble, assessing the suitability to proceed. It is essential to be in good physical health and have a rather full face, while it is not recommended in case of very thin faces, progressive hemifacial atrophy (Parry-Romberg syndrome) and severe facial aging. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. A small incision is made on the inside of the cheek, applying pressure to the outside to detach and extract the fat pad.

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What is the intervention?

A contemporary model of beauty, which contrasts with the more rounded one of a few years ago, whose testimonials were celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Paris Hilton, but which today appears outdated. These interventions are in great demand especially by girls between the ages of twenty and thirty, now the trend is that of extreme cosmetic surgery of the face. An intervention that of the removal of the “Bichat bubble” which should not be taken lightly.

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The post-operative

Post-operative, a special mouthwash is recommended to prevent infection and a liquid diet for several days. Normal daily activity can be resumed the day after the surgery but full recovery takes about two months to deflate the face and absorb any bruising. The operation is generally considered safe but not risk-free – concludes Spirito – Among the possible side effects are seroma (fluid accumulation), damage to the salivary glands or facial nerve, excessive removal of fat and facial asymmetry. . For this it is absolutely essential to contact an experienced and certified plastic surgeon.

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