Bebe Rexha ‘fine’ after cell phone put to face during concert

Kada Prahar – One person arrested in connection with the attack

Bebe Rexha has given her news after being assaulted during her concert Sunday night at The Rooftop at Pier 17 in New York. In fact, while she was performing, an audience member threw his mobile phone in her face, forcing the singer to cut her performance short.

She then shared a message on Instagram on Monday that she was “doing well”, captioning a photo of her bruised face and stitches. According to the New York Police Department, an arrest was gradually made.

“Because It Was Funny”

“A preliminary investigation has determined that a 27-year-old man intentionally threw a cell phone at a 33-year-old woman, who was on stage, hitting her in the face. Was taken to the police station of the first block.The injured woman was taken to the district hospital in a stable condition by emergency medical services.

The person responsible for the attack may have taken the action “because it was fun”. He is being prosecuted on three counts: second degree assault, second degree aggravated assault and attempted third degree assault. Fortunately, the musician was able to count on the support of her fans,(…) read more at 20 minutes

VIDEO – Bebe Rexha collapses on stage after a fan throws her phone in her face

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