Because Anne Hathaway will also make us identify with the next film (Harry Styles is also involved)

Anne Hathaway will star in The Idea of ​​Youin which a young pop star very similar to the former One Direction appears

After a few years of not exactly spot-on films and various family commitments, as well as senseless social criticism, Anne Hathaway is experiencing an extremely positive second professional phase: he has participated in a couple of TV series appreciated by the public such as Modern Love And We Crashed and to movies like Armageddon Time: The time of the apocalypse, presented in Cannes. His agenda is very crowded and, alongside other projects such as Eileen And Mother’s Instinctthere is much talk of another future effort of his, the adaptation of the novel The Idea of ​​You by American writer Robinne Lee.

The reason for waiting for the film is obvious: the story follows a woman in her forties, Sophie (in the book her name is Soléne), who divorces her husband who left her for a younger girl and who, as a reaction, decides to leave with her fifteen-year-old daughter to the Coachella. Right there, among the sweaty, festival-going youth in the desert, he meets the 24-year-old Hayes Campbell, leader of the British boyband August Moon. A rather torrid relationship develops between the two, which will lead the woman to travel all over the world, from the South of France to Japan, following the singers tour.

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Harry Styles style

The novel was released in English in 2017, but had a renewed popularity towards the end of 2020 when, thanks to the pandemic, a crowd of new readers became passionate about the story. A passion that was also fueled via social media by the observations of those who saw gods clear parallels between the boy at the center of this romance and the very popular Harry Styles. The singer – now also an actor in films such as Don’t Worry Darling And My Policeman – in recent years he has achieved unparalleled success, becoming the musical but also erotic idol of millions of people around the world.

The coincidences, by the way, do not end here: Styles has never hidden his passion for women older than him and since last year he has a much talked about relationship with Olivia Wildeactress and director who directed it right in Don’t Worry Darling. However, the two got together in 2020, after she divorced her previous partner Jason Sudeikis, and the novel cannot for obvious reasons refer directly to them. To deny too close parallels is Robinne Lee herself: “This was never thought of as a book about Harry Styles”, she told American Vogue: “It actually wanted to be a story that, approaching 40, wants to reclaim her sexuality and rediscover herself, precisely at a time when society traditionally excludes women from being desirable and vital”.

Far from wanting to do the usual itchy romance novel, Lee has drawn hands down from the his personal story: in turn actress appeared in titles such as Seven souls And Fifty Shades, she’d gotten to a point in her career where the only parts that suited her were those of a stay-at-home mom; at the same time, however, she had begun dating a boy younger than her. In the end, however, even Lee must admit that his sources of inspiration in imagining the glamorous Hayes Campbell were not only Harry Styles but also the prince Harry: “I created him as my dream man, a bit of Prince Harry meets Harry Styles, plus a couple of my exes, a bit of my husband and a pinch of Eddie Redmayne”.

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