Because Fabio Rovazzi and Karen broke up. The announcement

Summer 2022 is turning out to be bad for famous couples: after the breakup between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi and the one between Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard, new news has arrived: Fabio Rovazzi and Karen Kokeshi broke up. The announcement was made on social media.

Fabio Rovazzi he wrote it in his stories:

As you know, I don’t like to talk publicly about my private life… but in this case it seems correct. You’ve been asking me for a while… and you deserve an answer. I know that you are fond of the story between me and Karen, we made it cooked and raw and we really enjoyed ourselves together.

Unfortunately, sometimes good things come to an end. Five months ago Karen and I broke up, together, without hurting each other; and I want to emphasize that it is not over for a particular reason. Quite simply: sometimes love stories end. I will always carry with me a beautiful memory of the time spent with you. Karen, thank you for what we have given ourselves, what you have given me. – Fabio Rovazzi

Fabio Rovazzi and Karen broke up, the social announcement: “It was right so”

Rovazzi and Karen Kokeshi together since 2019

After the announcement of Rovazzi, too Karen Kokeshi communicated the news via social media:

I know you’ve been asking me this for months and I’m sorry to have ignored you, but I just wasn’t ready to address the subject publicly. Fabio and I broke up 5 months ago. There wasn’t a specific reason, we just realized it was right for both of us. They have been 3 beautiful and intense years, I am happy to have been able to share them with him. I met a special person who I will always love. I will keep every memory in my heart. Fabio I wish you all the best in the world. – Karen Kokeshi

The couple had been together since 2019: Rovazzi and Karen had come out of the closet during a vacation in the Caribbean. There is apparently no resentment between the two after the breakup. Over the years the influencer Kokeshi Karen (born Karen Kokeshi Casiragni) had been accused by Rovazzi fans of being with him only for money and fame, but the couple has proven time and again that they do not live that kind of feeling. Even in the breakup.

On February 15, 2022 Karen Kokeshi released her first one book: Wrong Eve.

When did Karen Kokeshi get tattooed @saywaaad!?!

Karen Kokeshi, guest of Wad a Say Waaad !?, he had promised to get a tattoo on the Instagram account of the @saywaaad program and he really did! Watch the tattoo video:

Fabio Rovazzi

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