because it is a favor to China

From 2035, diesel or petrol-powered cars will no longer be sold. That is why it is a favor to the Chinese market.

Who knows if he did it knowingly. Certainly the European Union has succumbed to China by giving it a nice gift. The stop to the production of diesel or petrol vehicles in the name of environmental respect imposed starting from 2035will therefore play the game of the Asian country which controls 60% of the electric battery market.

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A quasi-monopoly situation that is difficult to change in the short term. Among the reasons there is also the far-sightedness of the Beijing government which, aware of the direction of the automotive sector and the world, immediately got busy with important investments in the field of wind power, photovoltaics and high-level components.

This is a bit like what happens with OPEC as far as oil is concerned“, The comment given to the Libero newspaper by the editor of” Al Volante ” Guido Costantini.It is the Chinese who dominate the sector not only in the extraction of rare metals and raw materials that are used to make batteries, but they are also the leaders of the first processing.“.

The ban on classic motorization could also represent the beginning of a dark period for the nations of the Old Continent which, historically, have always designed and produced vehicles, all over Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Sweden.

According to what was declared by the ministers of economic development and ecological transition Giancarlo Giorgetti and Roberto Cingolani the risk is the loss of at least 300,000 jobs.

A problem of weight that also alarms Confindustria, which I am passing through Marco Bonomettipresident of the OMR group, expressed a certain skepticism about the goodness of the choice from the point of view of sustainability.

If it is true that the electric machine does not emit carbon dioxide, to produce it, in all its parts, complex processes are activated that emit CO2 and other pollutants.“, His comment.

According to the analysis of the expert Daniel Clarke in 2026 China will still boast 65% presence in the sector “in spite of the best efforts of the United States and Europe“.

In 2021 the Contemporary Amperex Technology, a company specializing in lithium-ion batteries based in Ningde, produced 96.7 GW out of a global total of 296.8. A growth of 167.5% which aims to increase in the coming years.

How? Beginning to settle in the Europe area as InsideEv notes. The first plant has already been installed in the industrial area of ​​Erfurter Kreuz, in Germany, and currently produces 8 GWh annually, but will soon rise to 24 GWh.

At home, however, the largest building is that of Fuding with a production of up to 60 GWh, with the target of doubling. In the same province, Fujian, the Xiapu base will be enlarged and another will be built.

The first competitor of CATL is the American Lithium Werks, which would like to reach 500 GW while not exceeding 8 GW to date. Ironically, the gigafactory they would like to focus on most is in Zhenjiang. In short, everything revolves around China, which is also convenient from the point of view of the cost of labor. And the latest Strasbourg decision did nothing but give it a further hand.

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