Because Italy does not need to be placed under guardianship by the French

When too much is too much. President Mattarella must also have thought this, usually very cautious, after reading the disconcerting statements of the French Minister for European Affairs Laurence Boone issued to the newspaper “La Repubblica”. With incredible lightness, the lady fired at zero on Italy, which she considered since last September 26 a sort of special surveillance over which it is necessary “to be firmly vigilant for the respect for rights and freedoms. “Like Hungary and Poland. A little less than North Korea or Nicaragua.

Taking advantage of the inauguration in Turin of the academic year of the Army training institutes, Mattarella angrily recalled that “Italy knows how to look after itself in compliance with the Constitution and the values ​​of the European Union”. A clear and dry warning. Mario Draghi, in turn, preferred to play down by snubbing Boone’s intemperate to reiterate with levity and irony that in Europe “when a government changes in Rome there is curiosity not worry”.

Certainly Giorgia Meloni’s comment was clearer and more decisive. Asking for an official denial in Paris, the president of the Brothers of Italy called the words of Macron’s minister “a ‘unacceptable threat of interference against a sovereign state, a member of the European Union. The era of Pd-led governments asking for protection abroad is over. “Words fully shared by the other leaders of the center-right and by a courageous Carlo Calenda who invited the French to” mind their own business “.

While from Prague Macron was trying to patch the slip – “I want to express all my friendship and full confidence in President Mattarella and in the conclusions he will draw from the ballot” – and the staff of the unwary lady was forced to define “simplified” Boone’s thought and to ensure that “the minister does not intend to teach anyone”, embarrassment and silence reigned on the left.

Not by chance. The temptation of the grandchildren of the left DC and of the deceased PCI to lean abroad, to the foreign pope on duty to influence Italian affairs is an ancient and never eradicated disease. A legacy that dates back at least to the Cold War, a time in which the major Italian political parties enjoyed abundant money and guarantees from across the border: with the DC which, in addition to the favors of the Vatican, collected the money of the American trade unions and the PCI which thrived on Moscow money. Then Tangentopoli arrived and the collapse of Sovietism and the horizon of the survivors of hammer and sickle and crusader shield, mostly hospitalized in the current Democratic Party, became the most zealous and fanatical Europeanism.

Federico Rampini, a free and nonconformist intelligence, remembered this some time ago in his beautiful book “The night of the left”. His sentence is clear: “No, I really don’t see a future for the Italian left if it will persist in being the financial markets party and foreign governments, in the name of a Europeanism mocked by the Germans and the French. A losing temptation but “consistent with the xenophile tradition of the Italian elites”.

And it is precisely this inextricable intertwining of provincialism and subordination that still moves today grudges and projects, aims and ambitions of a left now without voters and without people. A left more and more “party of the foreigner”And increasingly extraneous to the history and destiny of this battered but still vital Patrio Stivale.

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