Beccacece: “We also have something important at stake; Our next season has started”

Beccacece: “We also have something important at stake; Our next season has started”Matias Segara

“There is something important at stake at Getafe, but so do we. Our next season has begun, we’re working on what’s to come and we’re laying the groundwork for our future”, declared Elche coach, Sebastian Becassi, at a press conference in preview of Getafe CF – Elche CF this Saturday.

The technician continues to think that “we We must think of each sport as if it were only one, What motivates us today is to compete and prepare for next season, as well as fully enjoy these matches in the first division.”


Bakassis studies Getafe: “We know we are going to face an opponent who is going to sue us and Maximum concentration is required. They have a high hierarchy of players, a very aggressive and combative team. And we’ll be playing in front of sold-out crowds. a scenario that will test us, For all these reasons, the coach believes that “we must be able to show what we did in Vigo, in Pamplona, ​​in the first half in Almeria, last Sunday against Atlético”.

The aim, right now, is “to strengthen the team through competition. Especially after such an important and strong match as the one we had against Atlético. This is the path of what we are building, ”explains Koch.

new sports direction

Bekasi assured when asked about the new sports management of the club “It is a positive change, because it is about building a structure, defining responsibilities, strengthening player recruitment, knowing better the profile of football players., his environment and family …, to determine whether it is good to meet with the idea of ​​the institution. There are so many variables that can affect a player’s performance that anything they analyze is positive.”

He also finds it essential to “work as a team”. To each his own space. The coach has to put the team together and make it work. And the director should be in charge of putting together the organization chart, the responsibilities, the delineation…”. For the Argentine coach, it was necessary to “launch” this structure. “act politely,

How do you face a game against an opponent who has so much at stake?

“We are going to play thinking about ourselves. And looking at each opponent to see how we can be competitive and neutralize their strengths. Later on, playing with certain positions is relative as the game is very variable. We are prepared for an adverse scenario”. Regarding his starting XI, Bekases explains that “the idea, initially, is Continuity the time we’re investing, to be able to see progress. Very important was the entry of the footballers who entered on the second day, who not only maintained the level but also raised it. We’re growing as a group.”


Regarding the injured, the coach admits that Omar Mascarell and Jose Angel Carmona, although “they are making progress with their recovery”, will not be able to face Getafe. “Of the rest of the players We suspect two due to muscle soreness after the match against Atlético”, a struggle in which “everybody gave their all and the wear and tear, even more so at this point in the season, takes its toll. this all shows We are a team that gives nothing and runs for the most, Discomfort is normal at this stage of the season. Still, he intended to be “the majority of the guys who were there the other day. The players train for that.”

This may arise when asked about the “motivational effect”. facebordalasBecause of his ties to frangivardismo, Beccassi admitted to knowing nothing about the matter, but “I know the motivation these players have to improve themselves and get out of the place of suffering they are in so much.” Have been for a long time.” and adds: “The game inspires us from the opponent. Check if we can take what we train to the game. How to get the ball out, how to move forward or play the second ball, where is the free man, when are we going to press… that’s what motivates us. The bond is what drives us. How they are related to each other and how they come together to compete with the rival on duty. That’s what drives us.”


When asked what will be the key to the match?, the coach admits that “I don’t know the key”, but he does know that “they, in their area, They always get out after cornering the opponent for 15 minutesWith pressure, with balls up front and with other balls, with very strong guys up front, with players in midfield with good positions and a lot of experience.

Elche, according to its criteria, “in its early days, has been imposing conditions on its rivals. Let’s see if we can do it against Getafe to find out who assumes that responsibility and holds the reins, This could be the key to getting started. The start is essential, enter with maximum and utmost concentration. Because you blink and they mark you. We should learn from our mistakes.”


Beccacece is content with that because “we’re showing progress. It’s hard to be reliable in defeat, but deep down we know that’s how we stick together and try, But after football there are consequences. We are seeing that what we are building is growing. With a core of values ​​that define us as a team. We come to terms with that line of defining our identity”.

Has the week since the win against Atlético been any different?

“The only thing that’s changed is the mental drive to win.”, but the rest has remained the same. The game against Almería hurt us a lot, because we had 5 shots in 25 minutes and we could have won. Then we lost and went to rest. In football, nothing can be taken for granted with the equality that exists. For us, leaving a clean sheet is very valuable, as well as continuing to look for the opposite goal.

The fact that “we can compete against a top team like Atlético strengthens our spirit and confidence, but the commitment, dedication and desire have not changed, it has remained the same”.

are you happy with joson? Do you want to continue it in the next season?

“We are very happy with the whole team, but we will make a decision when the season is over. With some, progress has been made but with others we have said we will wait until the end. We are very happy with all the footballers. Even with those who are not playing due to training. Coach is based on “honesty, frankness, transparency, so that has credibility and from there we will make decisions at the appropriate time.”

Elche CF, coached by Sebastian Bekasis

Would you use mine in another?

“My record shows that I’ve always had a number of young guys but they have to be out there and show up. We’ll always be close and informed with it. One example is John. For our part we’ll always be keeping an eye on our quarry. But I can’t promise you if they’re going there. I have always given a chance to the youth. We want to keep three or four to see them better in pre-season.”

What was the effect of the fans’ support against Atlético after the clubs’ party?

“Maximum, because it makes me happy to see others happy. I just enjoy it and it makes me happy. Football is the connection between footballers and people. A magical connection that makes it flow. It makes us happy to see that people can go home happy. We enjoy it and value it, because it costs a lot.”

Papi Shaikh

“It’s a pleasure to have him in the group because Sometimes those who don’t enter are as important as those who do enter, for one action, one comment… there are 26. Not putting something hurts us, but the decision should be ours. Having a player like this is invaluable as he never lets his guard down. Puppy always with a smile, in a great state of mind and very demanding in training. He’s the only one who hasn’t added minutes since I arrived. One can resign and the other, like him, can fight and show that he wants to be there. I am happy to have a player like this.”

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