Been caliente for bisexuality

We would never have seen this on TV or in the cinema just a few years ago. Two main characters, who appear at the top of the summer’s blockbuster bill, are proud bisexual men and in no way distressed or in denial of their sexual identity.

Here are two positive models of queer representation on the small and big screen. First there is rugby player Nick Nelson (Kit Connor), from the moving and charming series Heartstopper 2 from Netflix. And there’s Alex Claremont-Diaz (Taylor Zakhar Perez), the son of the President of the United States, who falls in love with a British prince in the sympathetic film Royal blue, white and red (Red, White & Royal Blue) on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

The much-watched series The summer when I became pretty (The Summer I Turned Pretty), also on Amazon, also includes a bisexual teenage character, Jeremiah Fisher (Gavin Casalegno), a popular student and not at all rejected because of his sexual fluidity.

Good, good, good, grumble some sad spirits. Yet another fad from wokes that boast about their inclusiveness and openness! If this “fashion”, I am using ironic quotation marks here, allows young people to feel less isolated and to recognize themselves in a model other than that of the traditional straight couple, so much the better.

Let’s start with the romantic comedy Heartstopping, the second chapter of which, in English and French, was uploaded to Netflix earlier this month. The eight new episodes are overflowing with tenderness and sweetness, which contrasts with the current ultra trash currently crossing the series intended for teenagers.

In Heartstopping, which tells the love story between the dreamer Charlie (Joe Locke) and the sportsman Nick (Kit Connor), the teenagers kiss, but never sleep together. Of course, they talk about sexuality, but more about their feelings, which makes this British series’ heart beat in a candid and endearing way. I loved.

If Charlie, in fourth secondary, lives his homosexuality openly, Nick, who is a year older, has not yet revealed his bisexuality to everyone around him, including his homophobic older brother and his rugby teammates. We will remember that Nick’s mother, played by the formidable Olivia Colman, welcomed her son’s confidences with kindness. Can we expect a similar reaction from Nick’s dad, played by French actor Thibault de Montalembert, alias Mathias Barneville in the excellent series call my agent ?

The coming out occupies a significant portion of the plot of Heartstopper 2. Should you give in to popular pressure and show up immediately, or follow your own pace, even if it means staying in the closet longer? These tensions are approached with great sensitivity.

Besides the romance between Charlie and Nick, Heartstopper 2 offers more ice time for pals in the gang, including couple Darcy and Tara, as well as best friends Tao and Elle, a teenage transgender who aspires to a career as an artist.

Another strong point of Heartstopping : its brilliant soundtrack. This series is the one that best uses pop music to punctuate its striking scenes. It swings between The 1975, Maggie Rogers, Françoise Hardy (in the three episodes shot in Paris), Christine and the Queens, Conan Gray, Carly Rae Jepsen and Taylor Swift.


In Royal blue, white and redthe only son of the President of the United States, Alex, and the English prince Henry begin an intimate idyll (and secret!) when everything separates them.

As for the movie Royal blue, white and red from Amazon, it falls into the category of Hallmark-type Christmas movies: marshmallow and cheese, both at the same time, it is possible. We know the ending after 30 seconds, but we watch it anyway, smiling and gritting our teeth during the more awkward moments.

It’s the type of candy production that the magazine RollingStone called it so bad it could become good. That kind, yes.

Quick Summary: The President of the United States’ only son, Alex, and England’s Prince Henry begin an intimate (and secret!) romance when everything separates them. First, distance. Alex lives in the United States and her prince, in London. Then the brunette Alex is petulant and outgoing while the blond Henry is reserved and snobby, hello clichés. Also, nobody knows that Henry is gay, especially not the royal family and the British tabloids, oh lord !

Believe it or not, a political component has even been added to the screenplay of Royal blue, white and red.

The US president, played by Uma Thurman with a razor-sharp Texas accent, could lose her election due to her son’s overseas escapades, which could sabotage a major US-UK trade deal.

An agreement about what? Who cares, the interest of the film is in the relationship between Alex and Henry, which gets the same treatment as any love affair between a man and a woman in Notting Hill Or You’ve Got Mail.

However, don’t expect to see an Oscar-winning work. It’s light, it’s tacky, it’s silly, it demolishes some retrograde mentalities.

And that’s never bad, even between two predictable gags on Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey.

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