Behind appearances film, plot, actors, cast, ending, where it is shot, location

A wife who is continually abused by her husband will have to fight against everyone to save herself.

Tv8 offers today the film entitled Behind appearances. It is a thriller film with dramatic atmospheres.

The production is of the United States of Americathe year of realization is 2021 and the duration is one hour and 30 minutes.

Behind appearances movie actors

Behind the film appearances – direction, protagonists, where it is shot

Directed by Seth Jarrett. Main protagonists are Jade And Ed Thompson interpreted respectively by Megan Good And Chiké Okonkwo. Also in the cast La’Myia Good in the role of Leigh.

Filming took place in Americaespecially in different locations of the New Jersey.

The production is of Jarrett Creative Group in collaboration with Red Hippo Productions And Lifetime TV.

The film is internationally known under the title Death Saved My Life.

Behind appearances film where it is filmed

Behind appearances – plot of the film broadcast on Tv8

The plot has protagonists Jade Thompson and your husband And. Jade And And they are married and seem like a perfect family. Jade works in a marketing company while And he is a very accomplished heart surgeon. The two have a daughter named Kayla.

Despite these flattering appearances, once the door of the house is closed, the reality in which the two spouses live appears quite different. Meanwhile And is emotionally and physically abusive towards Jade.

One evening indeed Jade she had bought a suit to accept an award within the marketing firm where she works. He hits her and tries to suffocate her by accusing her of cheating on him with his colleague Liam. When Jade decides it’s time to leave And, he even threatens her with death. Indeed And he discovers the divorce papers in his wife’s car and begins to find a whole series of tricks to psychologically torment the woman. Jade in turn resorts to the same expedients.

Meanwhile very soon Jade she realizes that her husband’s death threats are not just words. Indeed Jade learns that her husband has hired someone to kill her.

Final spoiler

Jade but she knows that no one would believe her if she had to go there Police to make a complaint. So he decides to flee, to take shelter in a safe place, first making believe to And and then to all friends for being dead. In short, she knows that she will have to rely only on herself and on her strength to try to save her life and unmask her husband.

Behind appearances final film

Behind appearances – the full cast

Below is the cast of the film Behind appearances and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Megan Good:Jade Thompson
  • Chiké Okonkwo:Ed Thompson
  • La’Myia Good:Leigh
  • Sa’Raya Paris Johnson: Kayla
  • Darren Goldstein: Officer Shawn Daley
  • Robert Eli:Donald Eastwood
  • Philip Hernandez: Detective Williams
  • Glenn Morizio: Liam
  • Joseph Midyett: Detective Bryant
  • Atia Celestine: Stephanie Aquino
  • Linedy Genao: Kelly
  • Shina Ann Morris: Diana
  • Sami Ma: Intern
  • Thom Sesma: Peter
  • Laurie Wells: Ellen
  • Jessie Ruane: Guest
  • Ian Blackman: Rob
  • Nayab Hussain: Nurse
  • Qurrat Ann Kadwani: Reporters

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