behind the tears for his friend-rival Federer there is much more

It was known that the last double of Roger Federer And Rafael Nadal it would be a show, a party for tennis and sport in general. Few, however, could have imagined a similar commission by the rival of a lifetime Nadalwho together with the Swiss broke into a resounding cry at the end of the match.

Two days have passed since the emotions of the O2 ArenaAnd Nadal he now recounted, more clearly, the emotions he felt that evening a London in Laver Cup.

Nadal with an open heart: “Back in the room I cried again”

The images of Federer And Nadal, hand in hand crying like kids. A spontaneous and wonderful gesture, applauded by the whole world of sport in unison.

Nadal now tells other things to the Partidazo de COPE:

“I’m a sensitive guy, when you see someone you appreciate saying goodbye it’s hard not to get excited. I got out of hand, and the worst of it is that when I returned to my room alone I was still moved. It was hardly possible that this would not happen after all that was on that magical evening. The image of the handshake on the bench? I didn’t grow up with social media, I look at them sometimes and to tell the truth I haven’t seen it “.

Many have thought that the tears of Nadal, so copious and violent, were an indication of a not too distant withdrawal. The left-handed of Manacor however it dismisses this hypothesis:

“No, zero is not what I thought about. I am aware that that moment will come between X or X and a little more. At 36 and a half I know I’m in the last part of my career, but I don’t think about it ”.

Nadal and Federer even beyond tennis: “Our relationship will last over time”

Also beautiful is the passage in which Nadal talks about how the relationship with Federer. At the beginning of the Iberian’s career, King Roger was already one of the greatest, if not the greatest:

“It has been a relationship that has been good from the start and that has grown stronger over the years. Somehow normal people appreciate the rival, if the rival is a good person. Over time we realize that together we have lived a particular path and this is how we lived it on a personal level and even the tennis world has warned it. Thanks to all this, several people who were not interested in tennis started to get passionate and to show interest and admiration for our sport. Our way of seeing the world and our own rivalry has meant that our personal relationship probably became more intense and important than the professional one.. For some years the friendship has strengthened. For various reasons we had to be more united, more in touch and thanks to this we have done good and beautiful things. There is an understanding that has been consolidated but we understand each other, in some cases we have different opinions, as is logical but a bond of friendship has been created that will last over time“.

Nadal then he tells a small anecdote related to Roland Garros 2009admitting, however, that he never had a fight on the pitch with Federer:

“I don’t think there has ever been a fight on the pitch. The relationship between us in matches has always been impeccable. Even outside, but sometimes we had different points of view on what we want for our sport and here it was normal to have some discussions, God forbid. The final of Roland Garros 2009? I’m honest, at the time I wanted Federer to win the final. It is reality but I am a person who loves sports and had beaten Federer in Paris in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. When a person is so constant and goes so far to the last act he deserves to win sooner or later and for him that success has central significance the Grand Slam. Seeing Roger win excites me and makes me cry at home in front of the TV. Sportingly it was bad for me to beat him but it seemed right and logical to do so because we were both aiming to be the best ”.

Nadal: “That time I asked for Federer’s shirt”

Nadal also remembers an anecdote, of the time in which ad Hamburg, in 2007, Federer put an end to his streak of 81 streak on clay:

“It was a pivotal record for me, 81 consecutive hits on clay. I finished the game, he beat me and when we got to the locker room I left, and before I went to the press conference I saw that he was taking a shower and I said ‘could you leave me the shirt you beat me with’. I kept it as a souvenir ”.

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