Belarus. A pensioner sentenced to 1.5 years of restriction of freedom for commenting on the Internet

A 65-year-old retiree suffering from cancer has been sentenced to 1.5 years of restriction of freedom for commenting on the Internet, and is facing another criminal case. The married couple have received nine consecutive arrests for sending each other “extremist” links.

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In September, 65-year-old Ludmiła Chłusiewicz was sentenced to 1.5 years of restriction of freedom (a kind of house arrest) for offensive comment (word – bastard) under a photo of a policeman in social networks. Now Wiasna has informed the human rights center that has the status of a suspect in another criminal case – also for comment.

The woman suffers from an oncological disease and is in a serious mental condition. In connection with the committed “crime” – Wiasna writes – she experienced searches and about 10 interrogations.

For sending profile notifications to each other on social networks The Krupieniczs, who were recognized by the authorities as “extremist”, were sentenced to arrest nine times.

“The sentences were passed one after the other, which means that when they were about to be released, another trial was underway. In total, they spent 126 and 127 days in detention. The last sentence was handed down on November 5. However, on the same day, Siarhei Krupienicz and Anastasia Krupienicz-Kandracjiwa were unexpectedly released from custody. They left Belarus immediately, ”Wiasna informs.

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This unrecognized human rights organization reports daily about arrests, searches and new convictions in politically motivated cases. The list of sites, channels and chat rooms considered “extremist” is growing. You may be imprisoned for using them.

On Tuesday, the activist Wolha Harbunowa was detained. helping victims of domestic violence. On Wednesday, Wiasna announced that the woman had the status of a suspect in a criminal case, and that the authorities accused her of organizing “women’s marches” during last year’s protests.

He is currently in Belarus 829 people recognized as political prisoners by local human rights organizations. The names of the Krupieniczs who left the country after being released from detention were removed from the list.

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