Belarus. More than 40 injured in a bus accident with the Russians

The accident happened on Monday near the city of Lozna in the Vitebsk region, reported the Belarusian agency BelTA. Reports show that a passenger car crashed into a touring coach, whereupon the bus capsized. A 31-year-old driver of a passenger car died.

The photos published on the Internet show that both the passenger car and the bus ended up in a ditch after the collision.

The Belarusian Investigative Committee, which is investigating the case, told the Russian agency TASS that a total of 42 people traveled by bus. The bus driver and all passengers were rushed to hospitals with injuries.

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– Help was provided from the very first seconds. People who saw it stopped on the road, took out first aid kits, gave help. They called ambulances, did not leave, did not leave people alone, said Vysti Tatiana Iwachnik, one of the participants of the trip, to Russian television.

The preliminary results of the investigation so far say that the Renault driver overtook traffic jam cars on the 120th kilometer of the M-8 road between the Russian border and Vitebsk and Gomel. During the maneuver, it led to a collision with the coach, the Russian agency said.

According to the data of the Belarusian Ministry of Health, however, preliminary findings show that 41 passengers were injured in the accident. They are all citizens of the Russian Federation, BiełTA reported. The head physician of the Vitebsk Regional Clinical Hospital, Yevgeny Matusevich, told journalists that all patients had received help, and that in order to receive such a large number of victims, the departments of the clinic had to be reorganized.

Doctors assess the condition of six passengers as heavy, 18 as average, the official Belarusian agency wrote. Additional doctors from Minsk travel to Vitebsk to help the wounded. According to Matusewicz, the most severely injured have, among others, injuries of the spine and collarbone. The others suffer moderate and light injuries, mainly craniocerebral and maxillofacial injuries, as well as cuts and contusions.

The Belarusian investigative committee told TASS that 40 of those traveling by bus were tourists who were on the trip. Investigators from the Vitebsk region are looking for witnesses to the accident.

The Russian Wiesti channel reminded that on January 3, an orange road alert was announced in Belarus related to difficult weather conditions – freezing rain and snowfall and poor visibility.

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