Belen and Stefano together again: Antonino Spinalbese comments

In a long interview with the weekly Chi Antonino Spinalbese spoke for the first time about breaking up with Belen Rodriguez and the flashback between the soubrette and her ex-husband Stefano De Martino. “Sbut that between them, at this point, it lasts forever. It would be good for the children, if there are no other changes it is better. We can no longer make mistakes “said the former hair stylist, vying today to participate in the Big Brother Vip 7. Spinalbese then admitted that he no longer had no relationship with the former partner: “We feel only for the child”.

Because Belen and Antonino broke up

Antonino Spinalbese also revealed i reasons for separation from Belen Rodriguez: “After Luna Marì there was a change in what everyone wanted from life, in those differences that were previously covered by love. Life goals have shifted and we have made decisions to follow our feelings”. A love story that lasted barely a year but of which Antonino did not regret: “It was never a mistake. It was wanting to live what I liked, letting myself go. And then, when we were alone, we didn’t lack anything. In hindsight it had to go like this. From this love another love was bornour daughter”.

Belén Rodriguez, sexy near-by bicycle accident!

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Belén Rodriguez, sexy near-by bicycle accident!

The relationship between De Martino and Luna Marì

Stefano De Martino he has already met the little girl Luna Marì, the daughter of Belen and Antonino Spinalbese. “She is my son’s sister, to her I am like an uncle”, explained the former dancer who specified that he will not marry Rodriguez again despite yet another flashback.

Belen Rodriguez in bikini: the b-side is to scream!

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Belen Rodriguez in bikini: the b-side is to scream!

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