Belén, Cecilia and Jeremias Rodriguez: an agenda is their trick

There is a strong air of summer, it is not only for the flowering plants, but the merit is also of the bright colors, the same as in the new SS23 collection by Hinnominatethe casualwear brand created by Belén, Cecilia And Jeremias Rodriguez.


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Behind a large window facing the garden, away from the noise of the crowd but under the eyes of all, you can admire part of the new collection, while it is outdoors, in a small illuminated house, that the garments have been positioned KIDSfor the youngest fans of the television and social trio.

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The time to settle in when the brothers arrive Rodríguez wearing their brand. Cecilia And Jeremias in purple, he in a sweatshirt and tracksuit, while she in a denim outfit consisting of oversized shirt and trousers and completed by a top. The choice of Belén which focuses on a two-piece ensemble, top and trousers, in a bright fluorescent color. They smile, joke with whoever they find in front of them, making the environment almost familiar as, on the other hand, is the spirit of their brand before starting to tell and tell about themselves.

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A young brand that is giving you a lot. How do you feel?
Jeremias: “I’m very happy, it’s been a while since I found something I liked so much.”
Cecilia: “Me too, and we didn’t think we’d have all this success with Hinnominate. We started with our feet on the ground without giving ourselves too many expectations and therefore I am very happy with the results we are achieving. Then I also think back to the very first presentation and, at least I was very nervous ».
Belén: «I was not nervous at all. I don’t suffer from performance anxiety, but I think mine is more unconscious (laughs ed.) “.

Let’s talk about this new collection: 400 garments in high-impact colors. You don’t want it to go unnoticed.
Jeremias: «For the summer there was a need to change from the early days. In fact, after shades that recalled the earth it was now necessary to go to something brighter, brighter ».
Belén: “We started with very linear colors, the color block, as can also be seen in the children’s collection, and then expanded more and more”.
Cecilia: “Yes, we started with what we liked most.”

Yours is a sporty chic brand, a particularly trendy style in the last period, also thinking about recent fashion shows. How do you explain its success?
Belén: “The pandemic has certainly given a significant boost. We found ourselves living in a situation bordering on madness that affected us a lot from a psychological point of view and also ruined some love for ourselves. We used to leave the house every day and always take care of ourselves. Maybe it was for simple automatism and yet, without the need to go outside, all this was lost. A context of this kind gave some inputs and we too, therefore, thought of creating things that could also be used at home but that at the same time were cool “.

Among the shootings made for the countryside there was the one in Punta Bianca, in the province of Agrigento. An event that later became a complaint on your part, which was then successful: the place was transformed into a Nature Reserve. How did it all start?
Jeremias: “While we were going to do the shooting, we discovered that in this place the soldiers came to train, they were shooting, in short, there were a series of activities that contaminated a lot. And to her (Belén ed.) came the idea of ​​stirring things up a bit “.
Belén: “We didn’t think campaigning there would end up like this, but in the end we made a noise and now this place has been handed over to the people. A wonderful place that was closed to the public and it wasn’t fair ».
Jeremias: “Really unbelievable. You seemed to be on the moon. ‘

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However, places that are difficult to reach.
Belén: “There is a reason behind this choice. We want places that are unreachable because they represent a bit of the family bond between us, something big but that should be normal. Just think that even before that we wanted to take the photos at almost 4,500 meters high but it was really impossible ».
Jeremias: “It was freezing from the cold. We couldn’t get out of the sheds we had set up, in fact then we went down to do the shooting. But the view was breathtaking ».
Belén: “One of the problems is that it is difficult to do better and better after you reach such peaks.”
Cecilia: “And in fact after heaven we will now have to go to hell (laughs ed.) “.

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How do you manage to find a balance and put three heads together?
Belén: “When the three heads think the same way it’s not difficult.”
Jeremias: “Maybe two o’clock (laughs ed.). Obviously, I joke having an older sister like her (Belén ed.) has always been a point of reference, especially as a child. Now that we are trained it is nice to confront each other and say what we think is right or wrong ».

They say that for a dreamer there is a realist, but, in this case, I would add another personality: the fashion addicted. How do you identify yourself?
Cecilia: «I am the fashion addicted. Even as soon as I wake up I think about what to wear and, only after, I go to have breakfast ».
Belén: «I would say that I feel more realistic while Jeremias is the dreamer».
Jeremias: “Hand. After all we are all three dreamers. But I’m certainly not a fashion addicted ».
Belen: «More than anything else I dream high but then in order not to risk a disappointment I say to myself: ‘Make it concrete’ and I try to lower my expectations».

A kind of self-defense.
Belen: “Exactly, but this is how I always win.”

Which garment would you not be able to give up?
Cecilia: “The jacket. I can’t do without that ».
Belén: “I don’t think I have one, I’m not particularly fond of anything.”
Jeremias: “The suits, I can’t do it. Even at the restaurant, I can’t give it up. I find it hard to put on even jeans ».

How do you find a balance between commitments, family and even a brand?
Cecilia: “Organization is everything.”
Belén: “In fact, we have an agenda that helps.”
Jeremias: “Of course, even if when it comes to things you care about and enjoy, you always find time”.

So is order the secret?
Belén: «More than order is precision. One can also be ordered in one’s own disorder. For example, I have a small diary where I put everything in black and white. I love the pen and I love to write, so much so that as soon as I transcribe what I need then I remember everything. I do the same when I have to do television. I take a pen and paper and after having reported everything in my own way I remember it. So I do with my life. I organize everything by schedule the night before ».

What future do you envision for your brand?
Jeremias: “See everyone dressed in Hinnominate (laughs ed). Today, for example, I was stopped by a girl wearing one of our sweatshirts and, to be honest, I didn’t notice. It was a good feeling, she hit me. “
Cecilia: “It seems to be taken for granted, but it is a great satisfaction”.

Who particularly struck you while wearing Hinnominate and who would you like to see it on?
Jeremias: “Giulia Stabile impressed me.”
Cecilia: “Even Michelle Hunziker, who wore some of the dresses during Strip the News. While for the future I’d also like to see American stars dressed in our clothes. And we will get there ».
Belén: “Maybe Shakira (laughs ed.) “.

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