Belen Rodriguez makes up for Michelle Hunziker

Belen Rodriguez make up Goovi

Belen Rodríguez And Michelle Hunziker they are two who know about beauty, and if they get together, success is guaranteed. Argentina posted a make-up tutorial on Instagram in which she advises how to best enhance yourself with the tricks of Goovi, the brand of her Swiss friend. Apply the products with mastery, underlining each step. The result, as was to be expected, is perfect.

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Belen Rodriguez’s tutorial

Belen Rodriguez make up Goovi
Belen make-up teacher

In front of the smartphone camera, Belen Rodríguez kicks off her social make-up tutorial with the Christmas box by Goovi limited edition. She skilfully uses eyeshadows and blushes to illuminate her eyes and face, lengthens her eyelashes with mascara and underlines her already plump lips with lipstick. He illustrates each step and shows the products, then struts around showing off the amazing result. Copying it seems simple and the followers are enthusiastic. Also Michelle Hunziker approves: “Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, inside and out,” she says, re-sharing the footage in her stories.

Michelle Hunziker tricks

Michelle Hunziker make up Goovi
Michelle’s “lesson”.

Belen Rodríguez she is one of many fans of Goovithe wellness brand launched by Michelle Hunziker which offers supplements, skincare, bodycare and make-up products based on natural ingredients. In her social stories, the Swiss presenter often launches into tutorials where she explains how to best use her brand tricks, but this time Belen too let herself be carried away by her enthusiasm, giving followers some valuable advice beauty.

A beautiful friendship

Striscia la Notizia

Belen Rodríguez And Michelle Hunziker they have been friends for many years. They conducted as a couple in 2016 Strip the News, demonstrating great complicity behind the counter. In addition, Argentina was one of the special guests of Michelle Impossible, and it is not uncommon to see them together at social parties and events. They are two of TV’s most beloved women, and they share a beautiful friendship. Just like them.

Look at the images of Belen’s tutorial with Michelle’s tricks in the gallery…

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