Belgium. Protest against the introduction of obostrze. Riots break out, there were fights with the police [ZDJCIA] | News from the world

More than 30,000 people protested in the streets of Brussels on Sunday – they opposed the epidemiological restrictions that had been introduced due to the increase in infections. Demonstrators say the Covid Safe Ticket (the equivalent of a covid passport) “segregates sanitary and divides society.” There were clashes in the streets – the police used tear gas and water cannons against them.

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Belgium. Protest against restrictions in Brussels

The Brussels police spokeswoman Ilse Van de keere reported that the protest was reported to the relevant authorities, but it started earlier than planned. The demonstrators started gathering in front of the Brussels North Station just after 1 p.m., one hour before the announced date. According to the police, many people joined the protesters spontaneously. Most of them were not wearing face masks. At 17.30, the demonstration was disbanded by the authorities. Arrests were made and several policemen were injured.

Donald Tusk at the Warsaw demonstration under the slogan 'Not one more'“Not one more!” Politicians on the March for Iza. “Outrage unites us”

New restrictions in Belgium

The Belgian government introduced new restrictions on Saturday, including the obligation to wear a protective mask for everyone over the age of 10 indoors and outdoors if the number of people attending the events exceeds one hundred. Masks are also mandatory where previously only covid certificates were required – in bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters or gyms. Another change is the obligation to work remotely 4 days a week, from December 13 – 3 times a week.

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The restrictions introduced by the Belgian government are expected to apply until the end of January. In Belgium, with a population of 11 million, an average of 12,000 cases of infections and 30 deaths are confirmed per day. In intensive care units across the country, more than 600 beds are used, out of two thousand available.

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