Believe in your dreams: 11 years later, little girl in audience wins US Open

However, not everything was easy for the American. She has been playing tennis since the age of six. His qualities soon become apparent. When she was 14 years old, she was already hitting serves at a speed of 190 km/h. And his dream? be a champion. His athletic qualities, his mentality, his passion, all the elements came together for him to be successful.

But Gauff has received a lot of exposure since reaching her first Grand Slam tournament at the age of 15, Wimbledon in 2019, defeating Venus Williams (a five-time winner) in the first round before reaching the round of 16.

From there, she became seen as the successor to her idol sisters Venus and Serena Williams. With all the pressures that come with this position. Especially since, a few months later, at the 2020 Australian Open, she ousted the defending champion in the third round, Naomi Osaka,

,Since she won matches at a very young age, everyone said she was going to win Grand Slams immediately. They made her into something she wasn’t.“, recalled the coach to AFP. Patrick MouratoglouWho discovered it at the age of ten during a scouting session at his tennis academy.

,She was ready to defeat great players in a match. But in Grand Slam terms, it’s not the same story“, He remembered.

In 2022, at the age of 17, she will play her first Grand Slam final. She bows to the red ocher queen inga swiatek (6-1/6-3).

If this Saturday we think that she will miss getting the gold watch again, it is not so. Despite being down a set, Gauff came back to win the next two sets. While his opponent tried to knock him down with his big powerful punches, the American responded with a heroic defence, which completely floored his opponent.

,Five weeks ago I won the WTA 500 tournament and some people said I wouldn’t do better than that. Then, three weeks ago, I won the WTA 1000 and some people said I would never go on from that. And today, it is here…“, he took obvious pleasure in saying.

,Those who wanted to add water to my gas, you are the ones who added petrol to my fire and today I am shining!“, she adds.

Ranked 938th in the world in July 2018, she entered the top 100 in October 2019, reaching fourth place in October 2022. This Monday she will be ranked third in the world. With six titles on the circuit (Linz in 2019, Parma in 2021, Auckland, Washington, Cincinnati and so the US Open in 2023). As far as Sabalenka was concerned, her rise to No. 1 was already assured after her defeat by defending champion Iga Swiatek in the round of 16.

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