“Believe in your passions”. An hour with Harlan Coben at IULM

An hour with Harlan Coben at the IULM invited by the Noir In Festival

“Believe in your passions”


In today’s morning the author was the protagonist at the IULM of a meeting entitled “From novels to TV series: Harlan Coben”. The master of noir literature, ace of Netflix and TV series, amazed the audience and the many students with imagination and irony.

Film adaptations of his novels

Some of his novels have been adapted as films or TV series in France. Furthermore, in August 2018, Harlan Coben made a pact with Netflix, according to which 14 of the writer’s novels will be developed into as many TV series or films, with himself as executive producer

“Having none hobby, no pastimes, no distractions. Basically being a loser! This means to me, to be a writer”

Thus begins the unpredictable Coben – in the meeting dedicated to him and moderated by Adrian Cotton which, from London in call, was in the game and he laughed in amusement like the hall. Coben tells how in his head: “the seed of writing is implanted 24 hours a day and, when he doesn’t write, or gets distracted with something else, he admits that he immediately feels guilty and immediately goes back to writing”

“Believe in your passions. Follow your instincts. Not the money! It will be what will make you money”

Intelligent, dynamic, witty: these are the three qualities that make a writer of 35 Novels Noir, published all over the world and taken up in TV series. “90 million people viewed in the first week The Innocent all over the world and cabbage are numbers that leave you stunned – he says – this is the global power of Netflix“.

After the award ceremony at 19.00at Cinema Harlequin of Milan, the evening continues with a master of cinema. The festival of Noir offers the preview of Kimi – Someone Listeningnew movie by Steven Soderbergh which brings to the screen an extraordinary Zoë Kravitz grappling with a mysterious murder discovered within an audio transmission.

The movie will come up soon Sky and NOW.

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