Believe it or not, someone bought this subtle fake Louis Vuitton bag (and paid big bucks for it)

A few weeks ago, a strange item was circulating the internet: a subtle neon green handbag, an amazing imitation of the iconic Louis Vuitton OnGo bag. The accessory in question is an exclusive creation of MSCHF, an artistic collective based in Brooklyn, United States, known for their bizarre designs – Lil Nas X’s fake Nikes adorned with a drop of blood, that was it. Big red shoes too.

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Microscopic purses, their latest craze, are made from photopolymer resin and created using 3D printing techniques that are often used to make miniature models and other mechanical structures. An invisible purse smaller than a grain of salt sold for 58,735 euros ($63,750) during an online auction. Yes, yes.

“There are big wallets, regular wallets, and tiny wallets, but this is the latest in miniaturization of wallets,” An MSCHF affiliate shares about the product. If the bag uses the code of the Louis Vuitton house, then it is not associated with the famous Parisian brand in any way. “We are used to the idea of ​​asking for forgiveness rather than permission”, MSCHF CEO Kevin Wisner spoke on the subject new York Times,

The MSCHF bag was put on sale with its digital microscope, so that it can look at an object that measures only 657 x 222 x 700 micrometres – that’s tiny. The lot, including the microscope and accessories, was sold during a public sale on the online platform JOOPITER, with bids starting at 14,000 euros ($15,000). Yes, a grain of salt is expensive.

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