Belka calls for further rate hikes. “It’s painful but necessary”

– The cycle of rate hikes should be continued. It is painful, but necessary – said Prof. Marek Belka. And it announces that we will face much more difficult times in the economy than those we are used to.

The former head of the National Bank of Poland was asked, inter alia, about the weakness of the zloty. Let us remind you that the exchange rates have been breaking records in recent days, and the zloty is one of the weakest currencies in the world. The euro already costs over PLN 4.60, and the dollar exceeded the barrier of PLN 4.10.

– Yeah all the talk about polexit plus what is happening at the border makes many investors think twice about investing money in Poland – said Marek Belka when asked about the reasons for this state of affairs.

How to prevent weak zloty and high inflation? In the opinion of the former NBP governor “we must clearly say through the mouth of the NBP governor that we are worried by the weakness of the zloty”.

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