Bella Ramsey reveals she’s non-binary and talks about her pronoun anxiety

Joe Jonas has already “pee in his pants” on stage.

The 33-year-old singer revealed the embarrassing incident that happened four years ago and admitted the problem was made worse by the fact she decided to wear a white dress to the concert.

While appearing on KIIS FM’s ‘Will & Woody’ radio show in Australia, the Jonas Brothers star was asked to ‘tell a story you’ve never told anyone’ and replied: ‘Jay some friends tomorrow Was along, and we were talking about the fact that there comes a time in your life when, as an adult, you can remember the last time you put your pants on. ,

He joked: “It is very refreshing, but thanks to long therapy I managed to overcome this difficulty. ,

But the ‘Sucker’ hitmaker hoped no one noticed what happened because he quickly changed.

He continued, “Let’s say it was a bad day to decide to wear white. We tell ourselves that maybe there is a little something, that maybe there is a little more, there is a little more. So it was a wardrobe change in the middle of the concert. If you check the records, you’ll see that there is a wardrobe change in the middle of the show, and it was probably something like ‘Oh, that was an interesting choice to change clothes so soon.’ This is a story that I have never been told and it is also real life. ,

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