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Nice band tight to the arm, Jude Bellingham he wouldn’t miss it for the world. At 19 he is captain of Borussia Dortmund, in the Bundesliga and in Europe. Yesterday goals and assists in the Champions League, with the spotlight of the big players constantly focused on him. Pep Guardiola’s City wants it, but in England there are also Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United. And then? Ah yes, Real Madrid has aimed it.

THE PLAN OF THE DORTMUND – Already in the summer some clubs had come forward receiving a firm no: “Untouchable“. Untouchable. It was the only word Dortmund executives repeated to every club that approached. And the message came loud and clear: “I think it’s not on the market – said Kurgen Klopp some time ago – is this is the only problem “. In a few months, however, Dortmund could change plans. He knows he can’t keep it forever, in the face of an important offer there could be an opening. They still don’t talk about figures, they want to wait for the World Cup to see if the player’s value can rise even more.

JUVE BACKSCENE – Today almost all the big names in Europe want him, but two years ago the closest club to take him was Juventus. Summer 2020, Fabio Paratici negotiates Bellingham with Birmingham, finds a basis for understanding and the player also goes to Turin for a few days. It is done. Or almost, because then Jude chooses Dortmund and many greetings to Juve. Sliding door, life choices. Yesterday like today, when out of Dortmund’s door there is already a queue for him. Bellingham in the sights of the big names, for a market as a protagonist.

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