Bellingham hallucinates reaction to Cruz’s brilliant pass midway through the match

Before the offer was converted into a goal, he waved his wrist and then clapped. Jude Bellingham was surprised by Toni Kroos’ excellent assist to Vinicius during Real Madrid’s warm-up match against Juventus (1-3) in Orlando on Wednesday. From his own half, the German raced past his Brazilian team-mate with a 40-metre low pass that pierced midfield and the opposing defense before he turned the jewel into the goal.

Bellingham is a big fan of Cruz

Positioned right next door, Bellingham gleefully watched the ball pass under his nose. He directly praised the 2014 world champions’ performance before repeating their applause after the Brazilian’s goal. Arriving from Borussia Dortmund this summer, the English international is not the most difficult to attract at the mention of Toni Kroos. A few days after arriving in Spain, he expressed his deep admiration for his new partner.

He told Marca, “One of the things that impressed me was the accuracy of his passes. The ball goes where he wants it to go. Kroos is a master. For someone who has watched from the outside, it’s a pleasure to watch closely.” A matter of.” ,

Kroos’s pass to Vinicius was one of Madrid’s few thrills during the loss. Real are worried defensively four days after the slap they got against FC Barcelona (3-0) in a friendly. Despite these two setbacks, Carlo Ancelotti was positive when taking stock of the American tour (two wins, two losses). “I give 6 points in pre-season, entrusted to the Italian. What we have to decide is clear, it is clear. At the level of attack, I am not worried. We have generated a lot of games in general I think we had control of the game in all the four friendlies, I am more worried about the defence.”

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