Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez getting married? This would be the second engagement. Will it work this time?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez getting married? The American media is publishing a sensational news and as proof they show photos of an actor who reportedly chose an engagement ring for J.Lo! Ben’s proposal would repeat the story from several years ago. The couple was already engaged at the beginning of the century. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck already had a wedding date set, but they broke the engagement shortly before the ceremony. Will they succeed this time?

In 2004 Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were going to get married. Fans were getting ready for the celebration and the media was preparing special editions of colorful magazines … and then something unexpected happened. A few days before their wedding, J.Lo and Ben Affleck broke up their engagement.

The reasons for the separation of the couple are not entirely clear to this day. They both mentioned twisted in interviews that their relationship could not withstand the pressure of the environment, media interest, etc. It is only known that the former fiancées never quarreled. Although they both settled down with new partners after a while, they always spoke respectfully about each other and kept in touch from time to time.

Ben Affleck proposing to Jennifer Lopez?

For several months, Ben and J.Lo have been reuniting. The couple no longer hide from the media and more and more often we can admire their photos together on the Internet – also during sweet kisses.

But hardly anyone expected Ben Affleck to get engaged again to Jennifer Lopez so soon. Meanwhile, the media reports that the actor chose an engagement ring for his beloved!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in a sweet kiss. They took the children to the theater

Ben Affleck wants to propose to Jennifer Lopez – American gossip sites report. The actor got caught in a jewelry store. According to witnesses, he looked at the rings there!

Is history going to come full circle?

HOT 20 Radio ESKA – listing 20/08/2021

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