Ben Affleck is grateful for the ‘second chances’ in his life

Ben Affleck learns from mistakes

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Ben Affleck learns from mistakes

Ben Affleck is grateful for the ‘second chances’ in his life

The 49-year-old actor, who returned to Jennifer Lopez this year, said it was very important to learn from your mistakes.

In an interview with the magazine “WSJ.” he said, “Life is hard. We make mistakes all the time and we learn from them. ”

“You have to take advantage of development opportunities and take advantage of second chances.”

“I tried to use this experience. I wasn’t always successful, but when I did, it turned out that in many ways my life was defined by it. ”

Ben, who spoke openly about his addiction, confessed that some of the lessons were difficult for him and told about alcoholism.

He said, “The only real cure for alcoholism is suffering. You just hope to reach the threshold of your suffering before it destroys your life. ”

The actor in the movie “The Last Duel” confessed that his perspective changed over time because he had previously been annoyed when people said they were “grateful” for their problems.

He added: “I was irritated by people who said, ‘I have such and such problems and I am grateful for them.”

“I thought it was stupid. After all, you cannot be grateful for disasters, pain, and problems in your life. You have to say that you feel bad about it and try to be a better person! ”

“Within five years, I began to feel grateful for the difficulties that have arisen in my life.”

Ben admitted that he wished he understood many things when he was younger.

He said, “I regret some things that I don’t want to share with the world because they are mostly mistakes.”

“There are things I would do differently and they are rooted in an instinct to look back at my past and think that you’d like to avoid these painful events. I wish I had caused others pain. I wish I had understood better the nature of what was difficult for me in life. “

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