Ben Affleck melts over Jennifer Lopez. These are the first words like that since they came together!

The world went mad as official confirmation that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together. After a dozen or so years, the couple initially hid that they were meeting again, but their photos soon appeared on Instagram. Not only photos, but also public words. Check out what Ben said about his beloved. For the first time since they got together!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez proved that old love does not rust. Fans literally went crazy when it became known that Ben and Jennifer are dating again.

Initially, there were only media reports, then the paparazzi caught them in their company, and finally decided to reveal themselves.

Now they go a step further and talk about themselves publicly. I mean, so far it’s Ben talking about the sweetheart. But how!

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All I can say is I saw the difference. Over and over I have seen women of different skin colors approach Jennifer and tell her that she is an example of a strong woman and a successful woman demanding a fair share of the business world. I am impressed by its impact on the world, especially for those who come from different backgrounds and cultures. Jennifer has inspired a huge group of people. Few people in history have done it. I can only stand and respectfully admire.

Affleck was saying.

Now it’s Jennifer’s turn. What do you think he will say?

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