Ben Affleck praises Jennifer Lopez’s contribution to Latin women

Since the word has circulated around the world that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are back together two decades after their loud parting, their names hardly disappear from the headlines of websites and colorful magazines. The star of “Rebel by Choice”, who did not comment on this return to his former love for a long time, now talked about his feelings for his partner. In an interview with Adweek, he “warmly explained what Lopez admires for. In addition to her undisputed success in the entertainment industry, the actor is also proud of the role Lopez has played in the lives of millions of women.”

According to the star, the singer is an inspiration and role model for people who have experienced discrimination based on gender, skin color or origin. “I saw with my own eyes how colorful women approached Jennifer and said that she was a model of female power for them. I am impressed by her influence on the world. As an artist, I can only make films that will move people. Jennifer, on the other hand, inspired a huge group of people. that felt that they deserved a place at the table in this country. I can only support her and admire her constantly, “Affleck confessed.

It is not the first time that Gwiazdor supports his beloved in public. Hosting in January on the “Awards Chatter” podcast, the star admitted that when he dated Lopez 20 years ago, he witnessed numerous abuses by media representatives. In his opinion, journalists spoke about the singer in a shameful manner. “People were fucking mean, sexist and racist towards her. Disgusting, cruel things were published about her in the media. If someone wrote something like that now, they would probably be fired,” he said. And he added that her hard work and talent gained due recognition after many years. “Now she is incredibly respected and admired for her work, where she comes from and what she represents, for what she has achieved over the years. And yes, damn it should be!” Affleck said.

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