Ben Affleck said he wasn’t happy with Jett’s recent upgrades in the 2023 Valorant Champions event, and I think he’s serious.

Affleck said he picked KAY/O and Raze, but he’s clearly unhappy with the changes to Jett.

Before, I was on the side of Matt Damon, but the older I get, the more I find myself on the side of Ben Affleck. I don’t really know why: maybe it’s because of the commentary on the Armageddon DVD that is said to be drunk (and very funny), maybe it’s because of the existential crisis that it seemed suddenly and quietly suffer during the Justice League press conference, but regardless, his recent appearance at the Valorant Champions 2023 event sealed the deal pretty well for me.

As Dexerto notes, Affleck took his son to the event, where the two met Shannon Williams, who lends her voice to Valorant character Jett. When Affleck’s son told Williams that his dad could be a main Jett, Ben added, “Yeah, but they downsized Jett, that’s the problem.”

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It’s not a bluff: Jett did undergo significant changes during the August 29 Valorant update. His Tailwind ability, which allows him to quickly dash forward, now takes longer to activate and ends faster; the duration of his Cloud Eruption has also been reduced, his Updraft charges have been reduced from two to one, and the cost of his Bladestorm ultimate has been increased. Riot said the changes were intended to increase “the intentionality of using his abilities,” while reducing his ability to escape the consequences of his mistakes and poor choices.

It’s possible that Affleck just learned a few things to talk about from his son while they were working in the queue, but it seems unlikely to me that a crash course in Valorant patch notes could lead to that. relevant and topical kind of comment, dropped at just the right time, to the right person. No, Affleck’s budding fervor for Valorant exhibits all the signs of a father going the extra mile to enjoy his kid’s hobby, and that’s the rule.

All doubts about Affleck’s Valorant credibility seem to have been erased by another interview in which he said he plays both KAY/O and Raze.

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“I’m a main KAY/O right now,” Affleck said. “And Raze too, I think Raze is like my other main character. I’m a little promiscuous with who I’m principal, you know what I mean? I move a little. »

I see what you mean, Ben. It’s sometimes hard to choose a main activity, especially when you’re not there to be the best (and I’m too old for that.) He also made time to hang out with other Valorant members. (And I’m too old for that.) He also made time to hang out with other Valorant members on site:

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It’s quite a contrast to the reception received by Twitter owner Elon Musk, whose appearance at Valorant Champions 2023 was heartily booed by attendees. But as far as I can tell, Affleck’s presence wasn’t announced to a presumably (oops!) adoring crowd – he simply showed up and bought his child a shirt.

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