Ben-Hur, can a remake challenge a large cult 11 oscars?

The saga of the prince, Ben-Hurafter becoming a cult 11 oscars in 1959, is back in the cinemas in 2016, with the new eponymous release Timur Bekmambetov. In the role of the prince, who was of Charlton Heston there is Jack Huston. In the cast ,among others, also Morgan Freeman in the role of the sheikh Ilderim. It is the fifth film version of the novel of Lew Wallace “Ben-Hur : A tale of The Christ”

Ben-Hur, the version of the 2016

Trying to emulate a cult film almost unattainable like the Ben-Hur of 1959, this new version keeps intact those spectacular scenes who made this film, as the chariot racebut it develops originally in the plot. In Ben-Hur 2016, we are witnessing the infancy of the prince, a jew, together with his brother roman Messala that then departs for the war. The prince re-appears to us to be great, unlike the original, married with Esther. Interacts immediately deeply with Jesus that brings its message of salvation. In 1959 instead, the Christ it was originally only a man who from drink during the trip for the galleys and the strength to live. His desire to revenge causes, unlike the previous version, the death of 20 innocent jews.

The trailer of Ben Hur 2016

Some curiosities about the film

The new version of Ben-Hur was shot entirely in Italy the Stones of Matera, Gravina di Puglia, and CinecittĂ  and cost 100 million. Bekmambetov for the movie wanted to re-create una chariot race realisticby restricting the main effects and reconstructing the set of real scale. In the film, which lasts 87 minutes less than the original, and appears at the beginning and at the end the voice narrated by Morgan Freeman that was recorded in his home in Clarksdale. The role of Esther was originally entrusted to the beautiful The Lag In The who has resigned due to scheduling conflicts.


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