Benedict Cumberbatch discusses his controversial character

Benedict Cumberbatch, star of The Power of the Dog, recently discussed his controversial character, Phil Burbank, in an interview with Deadline. In the course of the conversation, got to talk about his on-set relationship with director Jane Campion and Phil’s complex personality.

So while Paul Schrader recently criticized Dog Power, Cumberbatch got to analyze his latest performance and character in this much-discussed film. In particular, theBritish actor was captivated by the tragic nature and loneliness that Phil suffers from. Before proceeding to read, however, we would like to warn you that spoilers regarding The Power of the Dog will follow.

Below you can read his statement in detail: “What attracted me the most was the fact that he is a tragic character, because he is unable to love until his endwhen a chance opens up for him, it will trap him“.

He then adds, focusing on Phil’s homosexuality and frailty: “He was excluded from the mentality of his time. I mean, it’s something that continues to happen even today in the world, where homosexuality, or any deviation from heteronormative behavior, is discriminated against. I believe that Phil you represent this, you represent anyone who has not been heard or understood“.

Speaking of his relationship with Jane Campion, Cumberbatch tells us that the director has managed to put him at ease, freeing him from all his anxieties and giving him total confidence in his performance. In addition, she also claimed that she accepted the part precisely because it was a Jane Campion film.

Finally, we advise you to retrieve our review of Il Potere del Cane and we invite you to let us know yours on the film, which in recent weeks has generated a lot of controversyfollowing Sam Elliott’s fierce criticism of Jane Campion.

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