Benjamin Vicuña opens up about alleged affair with Natalia Oreiro when he was still dating Pampita

Benjamin Vicuna A reference to Carolina Pampita Aldhain’s spicy and recent words, reviving an old and scandalous version of romance. Natalia Oreiro.

in a note with view partners (El Trece, 10:30), the Chilean actor was consulted about his supposed content adultery with someone who was his castmate among cannibals (Terephe) 8 years ago.

And in this regard, he asserted, “She (for Pampita) lives more than Benjamin. The difference between him and the actress extends far beyond the 10 years he dated me. “

“It seems very self-referential to me to believe it’s relevant to my story. I don’t know, it seems strange, what do you want me to say? Eugenia’s ex-boyfriend continued. China Suarez.

Joaquín Friel, Natalia Oreiro and Benjamín Vicuña at the Entre Caníbales presentation in 2015. Photo: Lorena Lucca

Joaquín Friel, Natalia Oreiro and Benjamín Vicuña at the Entre Caníbales presentation in 2015. Photo: Lorena Lucca

So the recorder of the cycle Adrian Parales and Rodrigo Rusic He asked him, “Isn’t it your fault that Pampita didn’t say that or name the actress?”

“First of all, I haven’t met him (because of his ex’s notes) You can’t care about the mystery of people you don’t know… Is it understood? yes! ” Vicuna closed to avoid that uncomfortable situation.

But the camera they (USA, 8pm) They also went to see him for his opinion. Benjamin responded by saying: “It seems too selfish or self-referential on my part to think…I have four children and a very important chapter in my life, but She has a life before, after, and in between. “.

Benjamin Vicuña wrote in a note with capture

Benjamin Vicuña wrote in a note with capture

“I can’t control all your links”, which synthesized Martin Fierro 2023 Best Actor Winner. Therefore, the chronicler of Ángel de Brito revealed that Pampita “was talking about the time when they were together.”

“I’m asking you because she said yes. Well, she laughed just as much and lightened up the drama,” claimed the mobile worker. “No, well, I don’t laugh because I’m really into something that’s left,” Benjamin concludes his note.

Pampita’s words revive Benjamín Vicuña and Natalia Oreiro romance rumors

Pampita was invited to the apartment this week. they To talk about her loving present, her career, and her husband’s career, Roberto Garcia MoritanHe surprised everyone with a powerful confession.

“I’m not going to ask the name and obviously I’m going to put this question to China (Suarez).”. Are there any actresses you wouldn’t want to work with? “, Angel de Brito asked him at the end of the interview.

“Yes, one, only one”, the jury replied dance 2023 It caused a strange silence in the show’s living room. “What I imagine…why?”The driver cornered her.

“Why? Because it seemed to me that he had no woman-to-woman empathy.”explained Carolina, thus leaking another clue: the difference with the colleague was probably due to a man, Benjamin Vicuña.

“Did he disappoint you as a woman then?”asked de Brito. “Yes, yes,” replied the model. Angel rushed her. “Didn’t you expect that from her?”Pampita said with a laugh.

“But we’re not done yet!”launched Yanina Latorre in the background, hinting that she too knew the person and the scandal they were talking about.

Pampita, this Monday on the LAM capture

Pampita, this Monday on the LAM capture

“Have you seen her again?”the driver asked. And after Ms. Pampita’s remarks, Ms. Pampita asked her if she had spoken “to her face.” “still”Caroline said so. “Oh, not yet? So what happened when you saw her?”the journalist examined further. “I haven’t seen her so close yet.”explained Vicuna’s ex-wife.

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