Benji Mascolo become a youtube (and reveals how he took Bella Thorne)

Benjamin Mascolocame back from a few days to publish on his channel Youtube (inactive for 7 years!), he tried to give an answer to the most frequently asked question that we pose the bride and creator: how to become a real youtuber? The lead singer of the duo Benji and Faith, assisted on the phone by Eugenio Scotto (one of the founders of the agency One-Shot), has drawn up a short list of things to do absolutely.

But what was the reaction of his girlfriend Bella Thone his debut as a youtube? “When Bella discovered that I started YouTube told me that they are in an existential crisis of middle age,” wrote Benji on Twitter.

The advice of Benji: the location of the

The location is apparently fundamental. It must be beautiful.

Benjamin took advantage of the room of the brother who lives in London and has placed a led light, the piano, books, a globe, a gold album and one platinum, a plush toy and his guitar (but he has promised that in the next few days will modify it).

The topics

The topics must interest the audience to which you speak.

The constancy and emotions

You must not think of how many views you do, but do the video because you believe it. Perseverance pays in the end.

It is important to be vulnerable, real, and to communicate something, giving something special and unique to the people. You have to understand what makes us different from the others.

The advice of Eugenio Scotto

Benjamin Mascolo has contacted Eugenio Scotto (manager of various web influencer, and creator) to get suggestions. The first of Eugenio is: a youtuber must have:

It is not important to the light and if it’s good or bad. Ditto the location. You have to hit me with an emotion. It can be an emotion that gives me a smile, which brings me to a reflection, or that fails to move me.

Consistency is key for everything:

If you put yourself in the game and I see vulnerable people understand and will appreciate.

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