Benzema, expensive fake news

The amount mentioned at the time of Karim Benzema’s signing in Saudi Arabia has caught the attention of some.

If Cristiano Ronaldo would have been the first man to join Saudi Arabia last winter, Karim Benzema will remain the man who started an incredible escape to the Saudi championship this summer. Despite his status at Real Madrid, the latest Ballon d’Or didn’t hesitate to turn his back on European football to join Al-Ittihad and its millions.

The choice of the French was apparently motivated in large part by the incredible wealth promised by Saudi leaders. The most outlandish figures have circulated on the subject, with some stating a salary of around 200 million euros per year, twice what Cristiano Ronaldo receives at Al-Nassr. But according to Romain Molina, KB9’s actual salary will be much lower and the figures mentioned in the media have given rise to cruel disappointment.

No, Benzema, he doesn’t take 200M€

, The arrival in Saudi Arabia was a complete fantasy. Many people thought that they were going to charge a lot of money. Except it doesn’t make sense, the idea in Saudi Arabia is to give as few transfers as possible and a little more salary, signing bonus. The real problem in European football is the amount declared. I think it is also the fault of the media which was exploited by some agents who wanted to brag about themselves. It was fair, there are a lot of deals that have gone awry. They also managed very badly in Arabia, it went everywhere and it ate everywhere. The problem is, the initially announced amount, Benzema 200M€, was fake”, Thus struck a journalist specializing in football underwear.

“It prompted others to say to themselves: ‘Benzema is taking 200, I’m going to take 150.’ No, Benzema, he doesn’t take €200m. I think the salary is around €30M a year, He continued. That’s all, it’s already too big. For example, why negotiations fail, Lukaku thought to claim the same amount as what he could hear,

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