Bergomi: “Lukaku is not the solution to everything. Inter have lost enthusiasm, I’m afraid that … “

Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, the former Inter captain had his say on the problems of Inzaghi’s team

Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, former Inter captain Beppe Bergomi had his say on the problems of Inzaghi’s team:

«The team lost a winger like Perisic and entered Lukaku but has never found the enthusiasm and strong identity that allowed Inter to win the Scudetto, reach the Europa League final and take second place. On the contrary, I am convinced that if it does not recover those characteristics, the problems will increase. It is not possible to collect 9 goals in three away matches ».

«In Coverciano they taught me that a team generally reflects the characteristics of its coach. That said, I wouldn’t question it. The company recently renewed his contract, but it’s time for choices. We must react, not suffer ».

“He could have had more patience with the yellow cards as did Pioli with Calabria who waited for the break.”

«He had a natural reaction, but I think he can recover the dialogue with the coach. Maybe against Barcelona the team finds its old spirit and gives everything on the pitch ».

«Obviously the players are affected. Transfer market negotiations were strongly influenced by the club’s economic situation: a strong club makes all members stronger ».

“It is normal that even unconsciously he was influenced.”

«Woe to think so. It is true that he is a leader and offers more offensive solutions but his return is not enough if the team does not find the fire that he had ».

“I would not like the overtaking of Milan in the championship to have left waste.”

«No, it is still very long. Milan and Napoli have something more objectively. I see them as favorites but in September no one is cut off from the race. Not even Juve ».

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