Berlin doctors want unvaccinated Covid-19 patients to pay for hospital treatment

Doctors from the Berlin sickness fund believe that unvaccinated people suffering from Covid-19 should contribute to the costs of hospital treatment. They are also demanding a nationwide lockdown for people who have not vaccinated, reports Business Insider Deutschland on Tuesday.

So far, Berlin doctorswho also want to introduce mandatory vaccinations, have gone the furthest when it comes to restrictions on unvaccinated people and advocate taking drastic measures to fight the pandemic – underlines Business Insider Deutschland.

The Society of Health Insurance Physicians (KV) in Berlin also calls for unvaccinated people to contribute to their treatment costs if they require Covid-19 treatment in a hospital. It will be possible to do it either through own contribution or by subsidizing the health insurance premium. Income could benefit hospital nurses and outpatient medical workers – says KV in a statement published on Tuesday.

Otherwise, a high percentage of people who have not yet been vaccinated will lead to a catastrophe and burden our healthcare system to a degree we have never seen before. – the doctors warn, adding that even introducing mandatory vaccination is not enough in this situation.

Since 13 million people in our country do not want to be vaccinated, it is children, adolescents, the elderly and the vulnerable who suffer the most. It can’t go on like this. It’s time for compulsory vaccinations. However, the (vaccination order) should not remain on paper only, it must face tangible consequences if ignored – underlines the management of KV.

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