“Berlin shield? Solidarity is needed on dear energy”

“Finding a solution acceptable to all Member States” –

According to the European Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, the EU must find a way that all 27 member states can accept. “As different Member States expect different solutions, the Commission needs to come up with an idea that has broad support,” she said. “We have to find a way that is acceptable to all Member States.”

Berlin against the generalized gas price cap –

An objective that still seems far away, with the German government reiterating its ‘no’ to the generalized price cap. Not for “ideological reasons”, but because it is necessary to “guarantee the security of supplies” and with a ceiling on all imports “there is a high risk that the LNG will go to Asia or elsewhere”. The risk for Berlin, diplomatic sources explain, is that expensive energy will become “an even bigger problem” by cutting Europe out of supplies. The only acceptable solution for the German government, the same sources point out, is to negotiate directly with suppliers.

Draghi: “Let the EU be unity” –

The 200 billion euro shield announced by Berlin to calm prices in Germany also triggered the reaction of Prime Minister Mario Draghi. “We cannot divide ourselves according to the space in our national budgets, we need solidarity”, he warned. And who is likely to succeed him at Palazzo Chigi, Giorgia Meloni, added: “No Member State can offer effective and long-term solutions alone in the absence of a common strategy, not even those that appear to be less financially vulnerable”.

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