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Forza Italia leader Silvio Berlusconi said on TV that Putin “was pushed by the Russian population” to invade Ukraine to “replace Zelensky’s government with a government of decent people”; then he explained that he was only referring “what some people say, without any adherence of my thoughts to that story”

The words of Silvio Berlusconi on Vladimir Putin could not fail to spark controversy: “pushed” by the pro-Russian Donbass to “invent the special operation”, to “enter, in a week, reach Kiev and replace Zelensky’s government with one of decent people and turn back in anotherAnd ended, however, with the “unforeseen and unpredictable reaction on the part of the Ukrainian forces foraged with weapons of all kinds by the West”. Statements followed by the opinion on Russian troops: “In my opinion they should have stayed around Kiev”. Even if he censors the war, because “to see people killing other people they don’t even know seems crazy to me.”

And so, in the aftermath of the episode of Door to door by Bruno Vespa who transmitted them, the attacks of the adversaries for the words “scandalous and indecent” are recorded; a tough stance by the spokesman for Volodomyr Zelensky on Berlusconi who trusts Putin as a killer; three clarifications from Berlusconi and, on the part of the center-right allies, a great desire to close it there.

President Zelensky has a reply from his spokesperson: «Putin has been in power for more than 20 years. He killed or imprisoned political opponents. He has sent an army of rapist murderers into the territory of a sovereign state. And he threatens nuclear weapons. So, if we understand correctly, does Berlusconi trust him? “, Says Seriiy Nykyforov, spokesman for the president, to Republic.

Giorgia Meloni, in Bagnoli, arrives immediately after the first of Berlusconi’s explanations: «I was referring to what some people say without any adhesion of my thoughts to that story. I have been misunderstood. I was just doing the chronicler referring to the thoughts of others. The aggression against Ukraine is unjustifiable and unacceptable ”. And after the call into question of the democratic leader Enrico Letta: «Very serious sentences. The right says: “Let’s give Putin what he wants”. I wonder what Meloni thinks about it ». She rejects the sender’s doubts about pro-Atlanticism: «Putin has done something unacceptable. It is written in our program. Berlusconi explained that they were not interpretations of his own thinking but that of others. I do not understand why you ask me and not Letta that he is allied with those who have not voted to send arms to Ukraine: Fratoianni ».

Matteo Salvini agrees: “If Berlusconi corrected himself, that’s fine for me”. And he promises, from the government, a commitment “to restore peace and prosperity”. The EPP also defines FI’s position as “crystal clear: it supports Ukraine in the fight against the illegal Russian war”. Giovanni Toti points out that
We Moderates “He does not even have a doubt”: with NATO, with von der Leyen and with the sanctions against Putin.

Berlusconi goes back to it. He takes it out on the “left” that has “distorted his words”. “Think of the pain I feel,” he says. He assures us: “Our presence will guarantee a European, Western, Atlantic government”. And he adds that if the allies were in “dystonia” in that government “we would not be there anymore.”

“Pathetic clarifications”, defines Riccardo Magi (+ Eu) which the center-left does not believe in. Minister dem Lorenzo Guerini on his return from Kiev remarks “the devastation” he saw, “the pain of a people and the will to resist”: “Then in Italy I opened the newspapers and saw Berlusconi who explained to us that Putin simply wanted to replace Zelensky with good people “. “Putin is his first love,” Piero Fassino jokes. From the Third Pole Carlo Calenda defines the Knight as “openly Putinian” and his words “aberrant”.

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