Berlusconi: “The center-right? It’s European, Western, Atlantic. The Democratic Party is allied with the far left”

President Silvio Berlusconiinterviewed by Politic, addressed all the main current political issues of our country. That of the Cavaliere was a complete overview at a national European level, in which the Forza Italia leader did not shrink from any issue. As he has already explained on other occasions, Silvio Berlusconi stressed that Forza Italia wanted the government of Mario Draghi to continue until the natural end of the legislature, but “it was not possible, due to the irresponsible behavior of the Five Stars and the ambiguous maneuvers of the Democratic Party“.

The Cavaliere is also worried about abstention, which in the last election was decisive in establishing the result. To the policies of September, as Silvio Berlusconi himself explains, the center-right “it is a winner in all polls, but it has nothing to do with populist movements far-right that are successful in other European countries“. Clear words, those of the Cavaliere, to silence once and for all the allegations of the Italian and international left. The coalition, in fact, represents the front”European, Western, Atlantic, pro-Nato, which has as its only reference the liberal democracy“. And it is precisely on these principles that Silvio Berlusconi has decided to run:”I would not participate in a government majority if I were not absolutely sure of democratic correctnessof the sense of responsibility, of loyalty to Europe and the West, of all our allies“.

And in this regard, the Knight pointed out a detail that few, so far, have highlighted, namely that “it is the Democratic Party – certainly not us – that has just made an alliance with thefar leftwith those who voted against the enlargement of NATO to Sweden and Finland“. The same ones who accuse the center-right of not being pro-Europeans and atlantists. But while the attacks and delegitimations from the left continue, based on imaginative alliances and sympathies of the center right, Silvio Berlusconi emphasizes his clear stance against Vladimir Putin: “I am deeply disappointed. As prime minister of my country, I have worked, in full agreement with our NATO allies, to redefine relations between Russia and the West. The NATO-Russia agreement could have inaugurated a season in which Russia became a reliable partner and interlocutor“.

The agreement of Pratica di Mare, supported and wanted by Silvio Berlusconi, put a stop to the Cold War but unfortunately those assumptions have been shattered. “Today Russia has violated international law by attacking Ukraine and has waged a painful war in the heart of Europe“, says Silvio Berlusconi. Also for this reason, but above all for the principles that have always moved his policy, Silvio Berlusconi has no doubts in saying that”we at Forza Italia have always been consistently on the side of Europe, the West, the Atlantic Alliance, the United States. Today we are with the Ukrainian people because we are for the freedomas always“.

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