Best brands of fruit juices: here is the official ranking

Fruit juice is, at least ideally, one of the most popular “healthy” drinks in our country, especially by younger people, for example children and young people who prefer this form of drink to water. The production and distribution of fruit juices in Italy is regulated by several quite stringent rules, and even the definition of fruit juice is often interpreted in a “random” way.
There are many fruit-based drinks that however contain “additions” such as sugar, flavorings and other products that make the product not comparable to an authentic fruit juice. Even if this is mandatory specified on the labels, very often we put products in the shopping cart that are not what we think. Being such a popular drink even among young people, it is always advisable to understand which are the best fruit juice maracas ever.

In fact, there is the real fruit juice, which must be made up of 100% fruit, then there is the nectar, which has a smaller percentage, which usually is between 20% and 50%

Best brands of fruit juices: here is the official ranking

Bodies such as Altroconsumo have analyzed numerous brands and types of fruit juices that are sold in Italy, taking into consideration the nutritional characteristics and content, as well as the price per single “portion”.

Other consumption has developed a real ranking, based on scores.

  • 1. Black Elk with 74 points out of 100. The first classified is a reference brand in the world of biological. Each serving costs € 0.82.
  • 2. Plasmon with 71 out of 100. Plasmon apricot nectar, ranks second with a cost per serving of € 0.68.
  • 3. Bio of Esselunga with 70 out of 100. Surprisingly, the organic brand of the Esselunga supermarket ranks third. If only 4 points separate it from the first classified, the price is instead halved with only € 0.47 per portion.
  • 4. Solevita with 65 out of 100. associated with the supermarkets line Lidl and is considered the one with the best value for money, which is € 0.17

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