Best playable characters in TLOU Part 2 No Return

First of all, there are no losers here. Each character in The Last of Us 2: Point of No Return has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. There are ten playable characters, split equally between Ellie and Abby, and each character appears in the game’s main story.


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On Ellie’s side were Dina, Tommy, Joel, and Jesse, and on Abby’s side were Lev, Manny, Mel, and Yara. While you’re already familiar with Ellie, Abby, and Joel, playing as the remaining characters will be a new experience. All characters have unique playstyles, abilities, and perks. Let’s take a look at each playable character and see who is the best.

10 Yala

The Last of Us Part 2 Road to No Return Yara

  • Game style: teamwork
  • Features: Yara and Lev pair up and upgrade branches

The first thing you’ll notice once you unlock Yara is that she’s paired with her brother Lev by default. She is the only character in the duo, as when you choose Lev, he fights alone. While some encounters will have you team up as a duo, like “Hold On,” most encounters will see you fight alone.

Teamwork is great, but if she can’t fight alone, how good is she? Compared to other playable characters, Yara doesn’t offer much beyond her playstyle. Ultimately, if you feel more comfortable fighting with someone next to you, Yara may be your best choice.

9 Mel

The Last of Us Part 2 Point of No Return Mel

  • Game style: military doctor
  • Features: Speed ​​improvements for healing and healing upgrade branches

The best part about Mel is her doctor play style. Having the ability to heal and craft health kits makes her a literal savior in this game, preventing you from bringing back the dead. While she’s not the strongest of the bunch, she can actually benefit from taking damage.

Mel gains a speed boost through healing, allowing her to stay away from enemies when she’s in trouble. Overall, Mel offers a forgiving gaming experience. If you manage to find some time and space, you can make mistakes and correct them easily by healing yourself.

8 Dyne

The Last of Us Part 2 Point of No Return Dina

  • Game style: make
  • Features: Trap mine recipes, stun bomb recipes and dual craft upgrade branches

Dina focuses on strategy. She is a master craftsman and very useful when setting traps. She’s especially helpful when encountering diehards, as you have time to set up traps around the perimeter. In most encounters, Dina is best used between waves, as you have some time to set up stun bombs and trap mines before the next confrontation.

Aside from her crafting abilities, Dina’s fighting abilities aren’t much different than Ellie’s. Her stealth methods are fast and simple, but she’s not powerful or useful in hand-to-hand combat. Her crafting ability is her main strength, so if you don’t take advantage of traps, Dina won’t serve you any more than other characters.

7 Tommy

The Last of Us Part 2 Tommy's Point of No Return

  • Game style: sniper
  • Features: Customized sniper rifle, stronger melee capability, unable to dodge, shooter upgrade branch

As a sniper, Tommy is best suited for long-range combat, which helps depending on the map and encounter type. Tommy is particularly good in assault encounters because he is one step ahead of his opponents, especially in maps with multiple floors. However, Tommy can be an easy target during encounters such as pursuit and resistance.


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Doing a lot of close combat with Tommy in tight spaces puts you at a distinct disadvantage. The Infected are particularly difficult to attack because all of their attacks are at close range, and this is compounded by slow reloads. While he’s not the most versatile character, he does have his strengths.

6 Abby

The Last of Us Part 2 Point of No Return Abby

  • Game style: Melee
  • Features: Cure Melee Kills, Melee Upgrade Recipe, and Brawler Upgrade Branch

One thing Abby has over Ellie in both the main game and Point of No Return is her incredible strength. She’s one of the few characters who can relax a bit when it comes to close combat. She’s so strong that she doesn’t even need hand tools, while Ellie and other smaller characters struggle to protect themselves.

Her melee and melee playstyle makes her the perfect choice for when you’re forced to use your fists. Abby can also heal with melee kills, so you’ll have reason to take advantage of her combat abilities when defeating enemies. Abby is by far the most powerful female character, as powerful as Manny and Joel, if not more so.

5 Lev

The last of us part 2 point of no return lev

  • Game style: Stealth
  • Features: Bow draw speed upgrade, improved listening mode, and archery upgrade branch

Lev is a stealthy character whose skills with a bow are incredible. Lev’s bow is very powerful, often requiring fewer shots to knock down enemies. He can also move around the map nimbly and quietly, making it easier to avoid enemy detection. However, his short stature could also be his downfall.

Lev is less helpful in melee combat, as he lacks the brute force of melee attacks. Like Tommy, you want to keep some space between yourself and your enemies. It’s best to take advantage of the map’s layout when playing Lev; if you can get to higher ground, do it.

4 Ellie

The Last of Us Part 2 Point of No Return Ellie

  • Game style: balanced
  • Features: 50% more supplements, incendiary recipes, and two upgrade branches

Playing as Ellie isn’t that different from playing her in the main story. She’s petite, but powerful and incredibly vicious. She’s very good at sneaking up on enemies and taking them out with her sword, which is a faster stealth technique compared to the strangulation performed by other characters.


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Like the other smaller characters, Ellie isn’t the best at melee combat. However, her balanced playstyle makes her an excellent choice for most scenarios. You didn’t sacrifice much by choosing Ellie. In most cases, you already have what you need to make her reliable in almost any encounter.

3 Jesse

The Last of Us Part 2 Point of No Return Jesse

  • Game style: resourceful
  • Features: 30% increase in currency, trading post unique items, silencer recipe, pipe bomb recipe and guerrilla upgrade branch

Jesse’s random inventory makes him an interesting wild card. You can get a number of special weapons, including a flamethrower. He’s a very well-balanced character who is able to really make the most of the tools he’s given.

He is also one of the few characters on Ellie’s team who has immediate access to modified stealth weapons. One of Jesse’s best perks is his ability to make silencers. Using a silencer removes some of the risk of sneaking up behind an enemy.

2 Manny

The Last of Us Part 2 No Return Manny

  • Game style: armory
  • Features: 50% increase in parts, 150% maximum health, no health kit recipe, semi-automatic rifle ammo recipe and ammo upgrade branch

As the hardest character to unlock on Abby’s side, you might be thinking: What can’t Manny do? Well, first of all, he can’t craft a health kit. Fortunately, his 150% max health makes this inability seem like a minor flaw – you just don’t want to be too careless in combat.

In addition to their durability, Manny’s weapons are also very effective. Manny automatically gets the Hunting Pistol, one of the most powerful guns in Point of No Return. He can also craft ammunition for his semi-automatic rifle.

1 Joel

The Last of Us Part 2 Point of No Return Joel

  • Game style: unstoppable
  • Features: Customized revolver, stronger against melee, unable to dodge, shiv recipe and shiv upgrade branch

Joel is an absolute powerhouse, and while he doesn’t have the same arsenal of weapons as Manny, he’s still unstoppable. Since Joel is more of a brutal character, he can quietly incapacitate enemies by strangling them, but he also has access to a dagger recipe so you can have some variety in your kills.

Joel’s greatest failure is his inability to hide. Although he’s more powerful and solid in melee combat, you’ll want to avoid getting too close to enemies, especially when you’re facing the Infected, as there won’t be much room for error. Overall, Joel is one of the most versatile characters and rarely disappoints.


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