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Legendary actor, Cillian Murphy has been able to showcase his acting prowess in a variety of roles on the big and small screen since the late 1990s. Related to Tommy Shelby to some, Scarecrow to others, he enjoys a rare versatility behind the camera. On the occasion of Oppenheimer’s release, we bring you a retrospective look at his best productions.

peaky blinders (2013)


it’s been ten years since the first episode of peaky blinders was born. With the foresight we have today, we can easily work out the state of this British series. It has a place in the pantheon of the small screen, both because of its depth and its perception of political and social issues of the time across the channel. In this story, cillian murphy The interpreter Thomas is known as “Tommy” Shelby. He is at the helm of the Peaky Blinders, an organized gang controlling many businesses in Birmingham in the early 1920s. This is necessary to diversify the cash flow. The Peaky Blinders have a hand in many illegal activities like liquor smuggling, theft, ties to political organizations. If Tommy is the leader of the group, he has many supports and support points that can be relied upon. Major work of Cillian Murphy’s career.

start (2010)

Origins: Photographers Cillian Murphy, Leonardo DiCaprio

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If we often identify this film with Leonardo DiCaprio whose performance is quite sublime, we should not hide the presence of Cillian Murphy in this sensation signed by Christopher Nolan. One of the many masterpieces from the British director. start Released in 2010 and brought together an ensemble cast of choice. Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, or even Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Have you ever caught yourself dreaming consciously? While sleeping you get the feeling that you are not in the real world. start highlights this uniqueness of our subconscious but in a shared way. Actually, many foreign people can interfere in your mind. A Japanese businessman has hired a team of five experts to extract information from the minds of enemies. Among them, Cillian Murphy who plays Robert Fisher, an entrepreneur targeted by the organization in order to dissolve his company. a film that falls between two batman And one that specifically sees Leonardo DiCaprio at the pinnacle of his craft delivering a very high-level performance. start It has since received critical acclaim rare for the films of the previous decade. Classic !

batman saga

Did you know that Cillian Murphy originally auditioned to play Batman?  Here's how he ended up playing the Scarecrow  pinkvilla

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in saga batmanCillian Murphy plays Dr. Jonathan Crane, better known as “The”ICannel”. It appears three times Batman Begins in 2005, The Dark Knight: The Black Knight in 2008 and in the dark Knight Rises in 2012. Jonathan Crane is a psychologist in charge of several patients at the prestigious Arkham Asylum. In his first appearance in the cult comics adaptation, Cillian Murphy devises a plan to attack Gotham City using a hallucinogenic toxic substance. His mask, the symbol of his character, then takes on its full meaning. In the next episode, he appears briefly and in the dark Knight Rises, He is the judge of bans and gives severe punishment to the rich. A remarkable and iconic passage in Cillian Murphy’s career.

the wind blows (2006)

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In the 1920s the independence of the Irish people against British rule was at the center of the debate. In the wind blows of immense ken lochCillian Murphy plays a doctor who witnesses the abuses of British soldiers, more precisely black and tan, At first torn between his profession and the honor of his country, he struggles to make the choice but then chooses to defend Ireland with arms and the IRA.Irish Republican Army, a body whose brother is the commander of a local chapter and who is the subject of attendance peaky blinders, mentioned earlier. Obviously the historical importance of this film needs to be underlined. The Irish War of Independence (1919–1922) from the United Kingdom is central to the film, which was widely underrated by the public, but won the unanimous Palme d’Or at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.

28 days later (2002)

28 Days Later by Danny Boyle - ☆Cine Critics Corner☆

A virus that is spreading at an alarming rate in a highly developed western country. It reminds us of those distant memories we could have happily lived without. 28 days later Written by Danny Boyle features three animal protectors, one inhabited by animals and sentient fibers who decide to rescue monkeys who are the subject of experiments on violence. Of course, these primates are consumed by a virus that has been injected into them and does not fail to contaminate one of the three people who came to rescue them from their cage, but not by the evil that has befallen them. attacks. 28 days later, a courier in a coma, Jim, played by Cillian Murphy, wakes up after suffering an accident. He discovers an apocalyptic world, completely desolate and empty of all soul. A horror film has many adventures that will lead to a sequel titled 28 weeks later,

oppenheimer (2023)

Oppenheimer's first reactions: Nolan praised, but some say too much - Variety

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Cillian Murphy and Christopher Nolan, a pair who no longer have to prove themselves and who now drive crowds to cinemas that still remain deserted month after month. oppenheimer It is the most anticipated film of the year in France and by all cinema lovers. It must be said that the sauce was carefully put together by the various stakeholders of this blockbuster. Based on a true story, this film includes a great cast: Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr. or even Rami Malek will appear in it. oppenheimer, An achievement that goes under the name of Robert Oppenheimer, cited as the inventor of the atomic bomb. That’s why Cillian Murphy has the privilege of playing this American physicist.

Sunlight (2007)

photo de Cillian Murphy - Sunshine: photo Cillian Murphy

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This movie was released in 2007 brings Cillian Murphy out of the slightly more traditional lead roles we discussed earlier. Sunlight It is the story of a group of seven men and women who seek to conquer the Sun in order to revive its activity under penalty of seeing the end of the human race. Its purpose is to detonate a nuclear device on the surface of the Sun to revive its activity and thus give man a chance to save himself. As their mission draws to a close, the seven crew members are literally cut off from the world and hit by a distress signal from a ship that disappeared years ago. In this pure science fiction film, Cillian Murphy plays Robert Capa, a physicist who is assigned the mission of monitoring the launch of a bomb. a role that in some aspects may make one think of the person one assumes oppenheimer,

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