Best Starbucks style; Burger King will sell breakfast

Brand innovation is a theme that many companies will see this year.This is what we see in the new version proposal From Burger King, in the best style Starbucks, will now be provided sandwich breakfast.

Experts point out that in today’s ever-changing business environment, the design and launch of new products are basic elements for companies to remain competitive in the ever-changing environment. Although there are inherent risks in this action, by applying appropriate methods the risk can be reduced to an acceptable level.

According to information provided by ITENE, approximately 10,000 new products enter the market every year, and 90% of these new products fail within the first three years, which is worrying. Only the remaining 10% are successful, underscoring the importance of the startup process.

According to a study titled “Purchasing Preferences for New Products,” brand familiarity is one of the key factors that influence consumer purchasing decisions. Therefore, Nielsen data shows that 60% of global consumers with Internet access prefer to buy new products from well-known brands rather than take the risk of trying new brands. This fact highlights the importance of brand reputation for successful product launches in today’s market.

Burger King sells this for breakfast

For many, breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day; it plays an unusual role in the 2024 food scene for many brands in the industry.

Axios says everyone from fast-casual restaurants to fine-dining restaurants and supermarkets is focused on promoting breakfast and brunch. This trend has gained momentum in recent years, turning breakfast into the new lunch, especially as eating habits change during the pandemic.

Against this backdrop, Burger King is one of the fast-food chains positioned to capitalize on dietary preferences, and in celebration of National Croissant Day, the chain will launch gourmet croissant breakfast sandwiches in the United States on January 30 for just 1 cent.

According to the fast-food brand, the campaign to bring The Croissan’wich comes in a variety of formats, from classic options of egg and cheese to more elaborate combinations of ham, egg and cheese, bacon, sausage and even double portions Choose sausage.

Likewise, the brand’s customers in that country can purchase the sandwich for just 1 cent by placing an order online or via the app during breakfast time, with a minimum purchase of $1.

It is worth mentioning that many fast food chains offer breakfast to customers, and McDonald’s is one of them. It provides exclusive menus in the first hours of the day and has won the favor of consumers with its diversified products.

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