BET Awards: Cardi B promises ‘special surprise’ to fans

new songs from Cardi B may be released soon. The rapper did a live asking her fans to follow the BET Awards, which takes place this Sunday (26), in Los Angeles. The voice of “Up” assured that he has a “special surprise” for the audience at the awards.

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In the last edition of the event, the rapper performed alongside the group Migosof which her husband, offset, is part. During the performance, she revealed that she was pregnant with her second child.

Fans are now hoping that Cardi will announce her long-awaited second studio album or even drop a new single.

Songs released in 2020 and 2021 will be on the rapper’s new album

nobody messes with Cardi B and hopes that he will go on with life without receiving a good answer. Recently, the rapper had to fend off criticism for including some of her old songs in the tracklist of her new album.

Cardi B
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In a recent interview with Centrefold, cardi confirmed that the songs “WAP” and “Up”huge hits released in 2020 and 2021, respectively, will be on their long-awaited second studio album, still without a release date set.

With that, the rapper was criticized for “trying to inflate the numbers” of her upcoming album by including the two songs on the project’s tracklist.

An already deleted tweet that exposed the strategy, very common in the current streaming era, caught the attention of cardi:

“I blame the streaming era. Artists only do this to get certifications for their albums. I do not like this.”

The rapper, of course, responded:

“Stop acting innocent when you know it was you who was trying to riot. Why didn’t you say anything about other artists who recently put pre-pandemic music on their albums or people who had to put other people’s music on their albums… Imagine my biggest song not being on an album.”

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