Bethesda lists prices for the Skyrim Anniversary Edition; it won’t be cheap

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November 5, 2021, 20:20

Bethesda announced the price of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition, the cost of the new edition of the 10-year-old game seems to be a little won.

In short:

  1. The premiere will take place on November 11 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition.
  2. We got to know the prices of this issue. It is quite tall for what it offers.
  3. Holders Skyrima Special Edition they will be able to buy new content, while paying more than half less than the full price.

On November 11 is the 10th anniversary of Skyrim, and thus, the premiere of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is coming. For this reason, Bethesda Softworks answered a few questions related to the new edition in the FAQ on the game page. Among the answers you can find out, among other things, how much the title will cost for the prime minister.

Buyers will have to spend $ 49.99 / EUR 54.99 for purchase, which is around 250 PLN for the whole or 19.99 USD / 19.99 EUR, or around 90 PLN, for the new content itself, if you have the Special Edition. Unfortunately, the exact Polish price is not known yet.

What we will pay for in this edition Skyrim? According to another entry on the creators’ website, the game will be reached, among others, by previously absent story plugs, referring to the previous parts of the series, survival mode, investing and much more. Keep in mind that all of these new additions are from the Creation Club service, something like a Bethesda Fashion Store. This means that a good deal of the additional content in Anniversary Edition was made by fans, which means that the above price may seem a little win-win.

The FAQ also states that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are getting a physical version of the game. In addition, buyers of the title on the previous generation consoles will get a free upgrade for the next generation consoles. Unfortunately, when it comes to trophies, PS4 owners will not be able to transfer them to PlayStation 5.

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