Bethesda’s Roundhouse Studios is Working on a Large Comic Book License Game? Xbox may receive a new item

Thanks to the work of Insomniac Games and the Sony license, the PlayStation community gets to know more productions from the Spider-Man banner. Microsoft does not have a similar IP in its hands, however, Bethesda Roundhouse Studios (the creators of Prey) can create a game based on the comic book brand.

Roundhouse Studios was created after the closure of Human Head Studios – even before the closure of the company, it was said that the developers were working on a title set in a large, comic book world. The team PvPvE shooter was developed on Unreal Engine 4, which was to offer third-person gameplay.

“Roundhouse Studios, formerly (Humam Head) of Bethesda Softworks, was working on the UE 4 project prior to closure.
– Online 3rd Person Shooter PvPvE team based on KNOWN COMIC LICENSE.
– According to the Senior Artist, the Characters are still working on an unannounced project.

FaizShaikh7681, reviewing profiles on LinkedIn, confirmed that Roundhouse Studios currently has around 53 hired developers, but the team’s projects are shrouded in secrecy. On the profile of one studio employee, we can read that the unannounced item, on which work began in 2019, is still in preparation.

It is difficult to state clearly whether Roundhouse Studios, after joining Microsoft, continues to develop the shooter, because the developers do not share information about current activities. There is no doubt, however, that Xbox fans with open arms would welcome a large game developing one of the comic IPs.


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