Between Tempesta and Catwoman the success of an Oscar: happy birthday to Halle Berry

Twenty years ago Halle Berry she was the first African-American to win theOscars as best actress for Monster’s Ball – The shadow of life. In 2022 Halle Barry she is still the only African-American actress to have received this award. In a recent interview she showed her disappointment in still being the only one in this record and she hopes that sooner or later she will be able to share this result with some colleagues. After the Oscars Halle Berry he had a film career with many ups and downs, but never losing his popularity which remained stable through commercial films, arthouse films and a directorial debut.

Born in Cleveland the August 14, 1966 and lives with his sister, his mother and without a father who practically disappears without giving any more news. After a high school career of the highest level in grades and extracurricular activities, in particular with work in the school newspaper which will later lead her to become a correspondent for local TV, she participates in various national and international beauty contests becoming the first African-American candidate to arrive at Miss World.

In the early nineties, after a series of appearances in TV series, she was noticed by Spike Lee who wants her in the role of the addict in the beautiful Jungle Fever (1991). A start with a bang, in which it is not her beauty that is highlighted, for a role that is not at all easy and which kicks off a series of participations in large productions. Also in 1991 she is at the side of Bruce Willis in the action The Last Boy Scout and in the following year he starred with Eddie Murphy neither The prince of women. She will be a sexy cave girl in the film version of the famous cartoons The Flintstones (1994) and again in a major action film in which this time he is much more protagonist together with Kurt Russell, Critical decision (1996).

Halle Berry

Then comes the role of the turning point with Bulworth – The Senatordirected by and starring Warren Beattywhich highlights all the capabilities of the berry bringing her, after the important role of Storm in the first film of the X-Men (2000), to the character of Leticia Musgrove in drama Monster’s Ball – The shadow of life with which the famous wins Oscars and the Best Actress Award at the Berlin Film Festival in 2002. This story, which investigates the madness of the death penalty, also highlights the themes of racism, generational conflicts and the impossibility of a peaceful life in the complex American province. The “raw direction” of Marc Forsterthe great interpretation of Billy Bob Thornton and above all the intensity of the berry make it an outstanding film and for many critics and the best of 2001/2002.

Halle Berry

Become one Bond Girl in Death can wait (2002) and stands up to 007 on duty, Pierce Brosnan. It turns out to be one of the worst James Bond of the series and after an excellent X Men 2 (2003) and the successful supernatural thriller gothic (2003) comes the huge flop of Catwoman. The incredible sensuality and tight-fitting suit of its protagonist are not enough to save a poor story and an embarrassing direction. The organizers of Razzie Awardthe awards that are given to the worst film productions of each year, nominate Catwoman in almost all categories and Halle Berry wins the one for worst actress. With her trademark sense of humor she will go and collect it, as will she Sandra Bullock a few years later, remaining at the moment the only two actresses to get on that stage with a speech.

Halle Berry

Between hits like Perfect Stranger (2007), other films by X-Men, John Wick 3 – Parabellum (2019) and some less successful films such as comic movie (2013), comes his directorial debut with the dramatic Bruised – Struggling to live (2021). The story of a former champion of MMA, mixed martial arts, who finds herself having to fight again when her six-year-old son returns to her after abandoning him. Halle Berry she trains a lot to face the scenes in the ring and also manages to physically transform herself into a fighter, at the same time she directs herself and the other actors in a convincing way, making herself appreciated by the public, by Netflix in this case, and by most of the critics.

Halle Berry

We recently saw her in the bombastic and quite disappointing Moonfall (2022), but knowing the steps of her career we will soon find her in some great successes.

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