beware of mood swings, it could be a symptom

Diabetes is a condition to keep under control as you need to know every symptom: one of the signs are mood swings.

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Diabetes is a disease that doesn’t just affect the pancreas. Living with diabetes often affects mood and mental health as well. This is why mood swings are typical when blood glucose levels are too high or too low. Stress, depression and anxiety can also appear.

Managing your diabetes on a day-to-day basis can sometimes feel overwhelming, so it’s important to check your mental state as well. One way to regulate mood is to understand and follow your diabetes management plan. This helps smooth out the highs and lows in blood sugar, which they can cause mood swings. You may need to see a professional if you experience symptoms of depression or anxiety. Mental health management is as important to overall health as your diabetes treatment plan.

Mood swings and diabetes – the symptom that your blood sugar is too high

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Feeling a series of ups and downs is not uncommon if you have diabetes. There glycemia it affects how you feel and can contribute to mood swings. Poor blood sugar management can lead to negative moods and a lower quality of life. To know if your blood sugar is low or high, you need to properly manage your diabetes and keep it under control. When it is too high or too low, specific symptoms are felt, if it is low they are typical:

  • confusion
  • nervousness
  • hunger
  • irritability
  • agitation
  • tiredness
  • sweating

The symptoms of high blood glucose levels are:

  • voltage
  • anger
  • sadness
  • clouded mind
  • fainting
  • thirst
  • tiredness
  • nervousness
  • lethargy

The stress of a diabetes diagnosis and the stress of managing diabetes over time can lead to feeling overwhelmed and mentally exhausted. It can negatively affect diabetes and can lead to unstable glucose levels. Blood glucose levels can rise and sometimes fall with stress. These fluctuations can alter your general mood.

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