Beware of the horrible stench when you are in your car

When we are in the car, of course, we would never want this to happen. The worst thing is that if we don’t solve it, we risk having quite a few health problems in our future.

It is useless to go around it. Air conditioning, especially in summer, is very effective and pleasant to use. This year in particular, with the hottest season of the year forecasting incredibly high temperatures. But like everything, even the car air conditioning must be cleaned to keep it at its best. Otherwise, the risks are not few. Let’s find out what it is and how to avoid big trouble.

Car air conditioning (Web source)

Car air conditioning: the (basic) things to know about it

The air conditioning of a vehicle is very simply a device used to ventilate, dehumidify, heat or cool the passenger compartment for both the driver and passengers. Its use dates back to the 1930s. Exactly when they were handcrafted installed on luxury vehicles.

The first car manufacturer that offered it as an option on some of its vehicles appears to have been Packard and did so shortly before the outbreak of World War II. The expansion on the automotive market, however, also for issues related to the conflict, began in the sixties and also involved industrial means of transport such as trucks and public transport. Most likely, there is no vehicle with four or more wheels today that does not have a built-in air conditioning.

Car air conditioning, clean it or take a big risk: here’s why and how to do it

We talked about the car air conditioning, which needs to be cleaned to be used to the fullest. This is because, if this does not happen, in the long run the car air conditioning produces a bad smell. This is due to the presence of mites, bacteria and fungi that settle in the ventilation ducts.

To eliminate everything, which in addition to being unpleasant and unhygienic can also jeopardize our health, we must use a specific product. We can buy it at any shop specializing in cleaning and hygiene. To eliminate the bad smell of the air conditioner, we must use it with the air conditioning off.

Car air conditioning (Web source) 11 August 2022
Car air conditioning (Web source)

We then open the car doors and trunk. Then, we spray the product into the air inlet and outlet openings. The latter must act for at least fifteen minutes, with the air conditioning on at maximum and the doors always open. In this way, all traces of the product are also eliminated.

The spray should not be inhaled, because it can be toxic or harmful to our body due to the disinfectants it contains. Before spraying the spray, remember to remove the humidity present in the ventilation system by turning on the heating to maximum for a few minutes.

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