Beyoncé bought US$579 million on tour, including Taylor Swift and Elton John

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The New York Times estimated that Beyoncé would earn US$4.4 billion for the North American economy at the end of the Renaissance turn.

A cantora Beyonce arrecadou but of my best bill of dollars lasting ona world tour Renaissance. O valor super ou algumas estimativas, but ainda a deixou aquém dos faturamentos brutos de strelas também em turnê como Taylor Swift, Elton John e Coldplaythat this is where it is but time and it is okay but still.

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This is the first time the solo artist has turned from his last shows to the album Lemonade, em 2016. For this reason, Beyoncé is among various artists who are successful with the increase in demand that was in a post-pandemic era. Taylor Swiftwhich also returns to this after a pause, this is what I am presenting with you “Eras Tour”, which is estimated to cost US$ 2.2 billion.

Elton John It’s a turnaround of 330 shows and a total of US$ 939 million, but it’s the biggest story. E o Coldplay It’s already big but US$ 617 million have been in the world since 2024.

Alta asked for shows in a post-pandemic era

During this time, Live Nation reported its quarter but with all its tempos, although it requested its shows at the same time. The product reports a receipt of US$ 5.6 billion in the second quarter, with a significant increase in the previous year, when you obtain US$ 4.4 billion. The results of the third quarter – the period when Beyoncé’s turn ended – will not be disclosed until November.

O “The New York Times” estimated that Beyonce terá gerado US$ 4.4 billions for the North American economy at the end of the Renaissance turn.

It has become widely popular since it was filmed and will be released in the format of film em 1º de zembro. O longa, Renaissance: Um Filme de Beyoncé, será exibido nos cinemas dos Estados Unidos, Canada e México. The filming includes images of the bastidores and the production. It is now clear as to the potential for receiving a cantora that can be obtained for a long time.

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